Advice Trichomes or WPM?

This Dosido’s has had me worried. The entire time growing it was ridiculous with trichomes, I had such high hopes. the last few weeks I began wondering if this was powdery mildew… upon looking through the loop, it all looked good to me, no leaves with white patches, this seems to be consistent throughout the leaves and buds, but when harvesting it had a smell that just seemed off, it smelled a little musty unless you squeezed it, then you go the sweet Dosi smell.

This was dried properly, but now a little to dry. I am kinda scared to trim if this PM, don’t wanna set my room up for mildew heaven lol. When handling the buds it falls off into your hands. Thanks in advance.



I don’t see anything mold like.
With a magnifier if you see something like webs or cotton like its mold. But I don’t see any on the buds in the pics.
Like this is bad…


TY. I have never experienced it o all my research was done online, I really didn’t see any of the telltale signs… From what I understand it starts on the leaves and is commonly patchy. All other plants were fine in the dame tent. I appreciate your time.

If WPM was even a remote concern the plants should have been sprayed with water & peroxide or Agrowlyte while growing, And also given a bud wash at harvest.

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