Advice to a new grower

Wondering what a good strain and grow method is for a new grower. I have a 6’x6’x8’ room, and am growing with a 1000 watt full spectrum led. Thinking of going hydro with a screen of green. Any advice would be much appreciated.

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Sea of green or Screen of green?

What light, specifically, are you going to use?

Will you use that whole space for growing?

Do you have any restrictions/restraints regarding legality, price, procuring equipment?

Do you have any grow experience, even growing veggies, or is growing anything brand new to you?


Been looking at the sea of green. I have a full spectrum 1000 watt led light. Only limitation I have on the space, is a 2’x2’ are a that my ac unit sits. So basically the whole space is usable. I currently have 2 OG god bud plants going. 10 gal. Pots using fox farm soil, and bio bizz nutrients. 9 days into flowering. Just had to pull one cause it went herme on me. But that is my first grow. Had many veggies and flower gardens over the years. Pretty good at reading plants as far as what they may be needing or lacking. No restrictions on legality, or getting equipment, but price is a bit of an issue at the moment. But already have a room up and going.

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Welcome I’m currently getting my set up ready for a sea of green I’ve got 3 mom’s going and wI’ll br abe to take mt first round of clones in a cpl weeks. I use coco and fab pots with AN nutrient line. I run a quantum boaRd set up right now


I’d love to do a SOG some time. Wish I had the space! Lol


Which light, specifically? Brand? Model?

Regarding hermying: have you figured out why it hermied? Definitely want to get any issues with light leaks, temps, and other stessers under control to prevent future hermies.


@blackthumbbetty It’s made by Atopsun, don’t know the model. Got it on amazon…

And I haven’t figured out what caused it to switch. Just caught it yesterday. My other girl is doing just fine. Sorry for delay in reply, they are limiting the amount of comments I have everday.


Unfortunately, that light is probably only good for a 2x2 grow space, max. I couldn’t find par info. It only draws 185 watts. I am no light expert, whatsoever, but you’re definitely going to want to invest in a better quality lighting system.

If you want to keep with blurples, there are so many better ones for comparable price. I mean even the roleadro 300watt draws 130w & the 600 draws 260. In leds it’s par & actual draw (kinda sorta) that matter. The loose rule for these seems to be 35-50watts per sq foot, but there are many differing opinions here. Using that rule, in a 4x4 grow space, you need 560-800watts of true draw in that space.

You can try quantum board leds. Right @dbrn32? I’m trying these in my next grow. A lot of phenomenal growers use them.

Or cobs. Or hps. Or lec. Or anything else.

That light, even for the price, isn’t going to be your friend. Sorry. :slightly_frowning_face:

For hermying, check for light leaks, temp issues, humidity issues, root stressors, rough handling, etc. .

Once you get your lights together, for a sea of green, you’ll want one plant per square foot. You’ll either want to go with a small auto, a small photo recommended for sog, or any strain that you’re willing to sog. Many small plants is what makes a sog a sea of green. Wonder how hard it is to sog in hydro. I don’t know, myself.


Yup, definitely short on a 6’x6’ space. I would think you’d be looking at about $800 minimum to ligh that space. Staying as budget minded as possible and still getting something good, like four 315 lec would be nice in there. Would cost probably double to do anything well with leds.

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That light has actually done really well for the 2 plants I had in there. Unfortunately I had to pull one. But the other is doing great. But yes, I know I definitely need to upgrade my lights. @blackthumbbetty and @dbrn32 thank you for all the info.

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I’m not really looking to do a huge grow. Just 2-3 plants at a time. Just to keep myself in smoke.

So, you’ll want to block off an area & turn it into an appropriately sized grow room for a couple plants. And, no matter how well you think that light is working, trust us when we say, other lights will blow that one away. :grinning:

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My 630 watt lec does a 5x5 foot print

@blackthumbbetty and @dbrn32, what is the cost to operate lec lights compared to led? And do you have to have separate bulbs for veg and flower?

You should be able to do pretty good seed to harvest with 3100k on the lec. Same thing with an led in 3000k-3500k range. Only bulb change would need to be maintenance and I’m not sure about what’s normal with lec. With a good led, expected life is around 50,000 if designed properly.

As far as cost of running, a watt is a watt. So 300 watts of either will cost exactly the same to run. The only real difference would be in the ppf per watt of either. So you’re capable of getting a little more light per watt with a good led. Lec isn’t too far behind though, both are way better than typical hps.

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I have no clue about lec lights, myself. @dbrn32 has you covered, I’m sure.

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Almost done with my first grow, I know I need to upgrade my lights. Just trying to figure out the best and most cost efficient way to go.

@dbrn32 if I put 2 of these in my room, would that be sufficient for 2-3 plants? And expect a decent harvest?

and which colors would be best? And could you recommend a comparable lec light?

Those leds aren’t comparable to lec.

I’ve never bought one to compare one vs the others. But I can tell you last time I looked the ge bulb was the best. For a 6x6 still? Like four 315’s or two of the side by side 630’s would be proper. You figure a 315 is about ideal flowering intensity for a 3x3 with reflection.

If you’re looking for advice on a specific model, perhaps @Countryboyjvd1971 @Hogmaster could help? Donaldj uses lec too, but I know he has his hands full right now.

@dbrn32 yes it’s still the 6x6 room. But I will be partitioning it down to accommodate the size to just 2-3 plants. And probably use the scrog method. I’m just having trouble deciding the best way to upgrade my lighting. If I should stick with led. Or go with lec or similar. Budget is kinda tight right now, just need something efficient for the time being, that can be added to later to build it up even more.