Advice: tent setup

I concur with @repins12

Thanks @repins12 and @PharmerBob. Now I just have to get the 8" fan and filter up (weekend project).

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Anytime. If I can ever help, I am there. Let me know if I can be of any further assistance. Always up for any challenge to figure things out

@repins12, @PharmerBob: got the 8" fan (terrabloom) and 8 " filter in. I screwed a half inch board between two rafters and mounted the fan there. The filter is in the tent, toward the ceiling. The only problem is the fan vibration is noisy upstairs. Is there some way to reduce the vibration or hang the fan differently? Thanks again guys!

Need a pic to see, is it as tight as it will allow?

i couldn’t stand the noise anymore so i dropped the fan from chains and it helped. i think i just need to box it in but i also need to eventually vent it outside, but it is definitely negative air pressure now! tent is running 71 degrees, 34 humidity with both 2000w led lights. thanks!