Advice: tent setup

I bought a used I Power tent 8 x 4, and two 2000w Bestva LED lights. (As anticipated, the IPower has light leaks.). I also have a 600w LED and a 2 x 4 x5 Apollo tent. (Great tent, btw). I have 2 4-inch fans and a 4-inch filter. I plan to mix marijuana in pots with hydroponically grown veggies until I am confident with my hydroponic skills. Need advice on what is best way to set this up. Currently have 6 plants (non auto) about 6" high and one OGKush auto 15" high.

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Welcome to the forum, I would stick with the smaller tent, and put both of those lights in that tent. Otherwise you won’t have enough light for flowering. @NewGirl
What say you Myfriendis410 ? Lol


If you are asking about hydroponics, you would be wise to look at the different types in use. There is Deep Water Culture (DWC), Recirculating DWC, ebb and flow, thin film etc all with different purposes.

@Covertgrower gave you good advice for your grow: use the smaller tent.

Here are a few things I’ve learned doing hydro: 5 gallon buckets are a poor choice. You need large root zone space along with a large enough amount of liquid to prevent rapid swings in PH, which is almost impossible to control in a small bucket late in flower.

Keep your rez temps under 70F: if this means a chiller then invest in one.

Follow published grow schedule and maintain moderate concentration of nutrients (TDS).

Do not use sugar or molasses in hydro as it grows algae.

When setting up use all black hosing for air and water recirc.

Speaking of air; you can’t have too much.


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Welcome to the forum @NewGirl. Your trust level will go up over time so post when the system allows you to.

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@NewGirl Welcome to the forum.

I tried the two 2000w lights in the small tent, and nearly fried everything. Just couldn’t keep the temperature down. I also tried the two 2000w lights in the large tent with a 4" exhaust fan and a 4 inch input fan. Again, just couldn’t keep the temps down. Any suggestions?

4 inch inline fan i would think is deffinatley to small for the large tent. I would put fans on light in small tent and exhaust out the top found its easier to control tent temperature if you have contol over the temperature of the room its in. First hand advice found out from these great people here. Might have to get an ac or portable ac worst comes to worse to control temps

NewGirl I run a 6” exhaust for my large tent. (4x4) I would look into a larger one, and run the smaller in the small tent. My only suggestion is to try with just one light in the large tent.
You’ll need more air flow to run both lights. Another more expensive suggestion is to purchase quantum board lights. More efficient and so less heat needs to be exhausted.

Thanks @EastCoastP6 and @Covertgrower for your comments. Fortunately the large tent is in heated/AC basement. I changed setup so I have a 600w over the auto OGKush and one of the 2000w on the other six plants. Seems to be okay, temp staying 72-74 F and humidity 50%. I am going to order a 8" fan for large grow room. (I can always run it slower…). I can also lower thermostat in basement as needed. Thanks for your advice. Does 8 inch sound like overkill?


I run a 6 in a 4x4 and works great so shouldnt be. like ya said could always run low or might be a way to hook a 8 into both tents and set at a speed that can control both at same time

Could it be that because I only have 7 small plants in the 4x8x8 that all the extra reflection is causing the excessive heat? Thanks for all your input.

Read the cfm of the fan your using, it stands for cubic feet per minute. The multiple your grow setup LxWxH. Let’s say your tent is 8’ you’d need something with 250+ cfm to exchange the air within a minute.

Exhaust should always be redirected to the outside of the house, unless your one of those I’m heating my house with my grow people…

A hot room next to your grow can cause your grow room to also become hot.

I spent 3 months refiguring out where my heat issues were coming from. So best of luck!

Concrete stays cool, so does tile, carpet traps heat. Also pictures always help And WELCOME To the forum!

@NewGirl I run 3 8” fans and I wouldn’t say it’s overkill. I plan to put co2 in eventually and want the fans working less frequently. They turn on every 10-20 mins and exhaust the heat for a minute or two and off again.

Exhaust out of top of tent, freash air in bottom ,opposite side

@PharmerBob, finally got a pic for you. Ordered 8" fan and filter, just have to figure out how to vent outdoors (specifically, do I need an 8" opening or can I reduce it?). My basement is radiant heat (in the floor) with one huge open area 54 x 26. So at this point I am not worried about the heat but summer will come. Fortunately I had an AC line run to the basement.

My big girl is seedsman OG Kush auto started 9/16. The others are Dr. Seedsman CBD and Blueberry…not auto. One stray seed popped up and I think it is a Cheese fem. (bad exp with the seeds I bought…next time Ilgm!). The Small ones are sharing a 2000w Bestva light I bought used and the big girl is on a 600W LED. Temp now is about 71 and humidity 45. The big one was started 9/26…others about 3 weeks later.

Comments and advice from all and any desired…

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Personally, if I was going to reduce the size of the duct, I would try to reduce it as close to the point of exit, if I understood your question correctly. Just based on my experience as a contractor and an inspector. Construction is how I make a living, usually it is not recommended/ code compliant or acceptable by manufacturer, to ever downsize, plumbing or mechanical work but, in my experience as close to point of discharge doesn’t seem to affect intended out come or function of product

Agreed reduce as close to exhaust as possible

Is your dryer nearby? You can reduce to that 6” duct and get the heat out that way

Dryer is on first floor. There is ducting from the stove (downdraft) that runs under the kitchen floor (on basement ceiling) to outside. Would I be able to connect to that without adversely effecting stove fan?

That would be possible but, you would want to install a directional damper ahead of connection. You don’t want the exhausted air from your tent possibly coming out of your stove exhaust.

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