Advice Please Thank you in Advance

Z Kittles tall not many big buds??? Winter hurt me. Just installed dehumidifiers last week in all tents. Initially I had to keep inside under maybe not the best light set up. (good lights. Couldn’t adjust them lower).

Is this normal? How much longer do I have before they may be ready to harvest? The buds are just starting and I have them on 12-12 light right now. They are approx. 4’…and again a lot of small buds. Will the get bigger?

Thanks in advance for the opinions…

Flowers will pack on the weight during the last couple of weeks of flowering.

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Thank you they just look really small right now…

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They’re coming along fine. You might consider giving them a break from the nutes. They’re on the edge of nitrogen toxicity.

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Hey how long they been in flower ?
Depends on strain how long they flower for keep eye on the tricomes with a jewlers loup they are your best friends
Mine where like that but blew up about 5-6 weeks into flower

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I do water 5 days 6.5 alternating between FF one day and Cal mag one day all mixed to the proper ratios. FF and Cal also controlled at 6.5…This is the furthest I’ve ever gotten and don’t want to mess it up…

Thanks for the insight

I purchased the microscope. The just look small, they are ZKittles…

If you are following the FF schedule you need to be aware that the schedule is very aggressive. I use FF and I only apply 1/4 to 1/3 of the recommended doses. The recommended dosing will hurt most cannabis plants. I don’t know why they do this other than to be able to sell more fertilizer.

The best way to manage nutes is to get a PPM meter and manage to your target PPM.

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have a PPM and ph meter. if I believe 400-600 ppm for new mixture is good then im ok. The plants look really healthy., green, tall, they look really good, just small buds/flowers??? or maybe im not being to patient???

Your flowers are fine.

You should be testing runoff PPM and not the PPM of the mixture. Runoff PPM should be ~1000 at this point in the plant’s life.

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How do i check “run off” I have 40 plants and all are in 3 gal bio bags… Where do i get run off water from? I dont have any that i’m aware of. My plants are in FF Happy Frog soil…

Runoff is the water that passes through your soil and ends up in the pan under your plants. Runoff PPM tells you how much nutrients are in your soil.

Are you planning on moving all of those plants outside?

Plants in FF Happy Frog don’t generally require nutes until at least 4 weeks from the last transplant.

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Nope, staying in the tents. I have 0 run off. ??? Like I said I have been alternating between water, FF and Cal Mag . only use the two chems 1 day respectively each per week, the other 5 days its water. also I only water every other day. so my water schedule is Water next day nothing, cal mag, next day nothing, Water next day nothing, FF next day nothing Water next day nothing…dont need to water of fertilize every day. not sure if this is correct.

It’s always best to manage nutes levels considering runoff PPM measurements.

What do you have lined up for lighting? It’s going to cost a small fortune to provide adequate lighting for 40 plants.

Have over 5000.00 just in 8 lights. That’s not my issue I don’t think. Lights are great…all my issues over the last year have been self inflicted.

I purchase a pump sprayer to mist the plant during hot summers here. The “new” sprayer from a large hardware company had what we now believe was round up in it…brand new out of the box? Killed all 40 plants last year. The gentleman that was assisting me said he saw a liquid in it and never washed out the container…kill everything in a matter of one week…

My heart sank…there was nothing i could do to save them… that was my second attempt at growing.

My first attempt I wayyyyy over fed them and got basically nothing…

This is my third attempt of the pictures I posted…all 3 tents are really good. just small flowers/buds. i just want to manage this properly. I have very detail lists of everything that i do. Can not afford anymore mistakes…

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They do look pretty healthy.