Advice Please on Leaf Discolouration

Ok this is my first grow. A single plant Blueberry Fem.
Seed went in 22nd April and stayed in Veg for 62 days. Tried my hand at some LST, topping and fimming. She’s now 7 weeks into flower and I’ve been checking the colour of the Trichromes starting last weekend. Noticed today when I went to water the leaf discolouration and the seemingly dead tips of some leaves. I’ve been following the fox farms feeding schedule (maybe a little heavy handed). Is this nute burn or zinc deficiency or something else ? Other than this recent issue no problems in grow at all.

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Welcome to the community :blush: you said you are using Fox farm nutrients. Are you doing the flushing schedule as well? :blush::v:

I will at the end of the grow. Not so far

I used the Fox farm nutrients last grow. I didn’t flush as recommended and I got nutrient lock out. I was told by several other growers I should have been flushing. :blush::v:

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Welcome to the community! The FF feeding schedule has flushes every few weeks becsuse they leave salt deposits. The flushes are highly recommended. There is also a final flush, which is just part of most growers schedules, where the last one or two weeks, the plant receives plain ph’ed water. It’s not actual flush as much as just letting the plant eat what’s left in the soil before harvest. Having said all that, do you know your runoff numbers?

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I flushed with pH adjusted water this evening. PPM was 2800 before flushing now it’s down to 900 at the last read. I will test the run off again in the morning

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At 900, you should be good to jump back on schedule and just water/feed to 20% runoff.

Do you believe the issue was lock out ? Just bought some Cal-Mag and will add that in when I water on Sat for good measure

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Looking awesome, hope my first ends that strong!

Flushing is good for your soil. Especially with FF nutes. Tip #1 I call it the FF F and F. Fox Farm Flush and Feed. After you flush, allow flush water to drip out of pot, then feed. Should look like this as far as figures.

Notice the soil absorbed about 700 ppms of nutes even though it had been saturated. Some people on water days will water ph and tds the runoff then adjust the soil by those figures, even feeding if necessary.
Tip #2 if you use RO or distilled water you will want to use calmag everytime you put liquid into your soil. Im using TPS calmag and use 1-2 ml/gal. Calmag will give your low tds water enough disolved solid to hold its own ph, which will help you adjust your soils ph to help maintain the 6.5ph target. If using tap, likely chalk full of calcium and magnesium unlikely to need adtl. A local water report from your county or town or city works will tell you how much. Look for that info online.
Tip #3

This chart will help you diagnose whatever issues you may be experiencing.
Your plant look awesome!


Thanks for a warm welcome and your replies. @Docnraq just to clarify do you flush and feed every time during flower ? If so presumably you flush with pH adjusted water till runoff then a few minutes later water using pH adjusted nutes to runoff ?

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I flush and feed evertime the schedule requires it.

Flushing soil takes 3x the total volume of your pot in ph stable water (IE 5 gal pot is flushed with 15gal, or more, water) You want to flush till your soil comes back to a ph of 6.5-6.8 and ppms that are close to whatever the ppm of your flush water is. Then allow 10-15 mins for that water to drip out of pot. Then I feed at a full dose of nutes to replenish nutrients in soil. (As pictured in last post)