Advice please, 1st grow

Hey fellow growers :slightly_smiling_face:. Started our 1st grow 4 weeks ago, perhaps a couple weeks early as spring started 15 days ago down here in Australia. Our seeds are unknown bag seeds from years ago. When germinated it took 2 nights for the seeds to pop. Then into solo cups they went until last night wen I transplanted them into bigger pots. We used a mix of coir, pitting mix, and perlite, with a drink of blood and bone. Originally our seedlings were stretching for light and I haven’t any artificial lights, so it’s been sun all the way. My concerns are:

  1. are they still stretching?
  2. do they look way too small for 4 weeks old? Have they dwarfed?
  3. is their colour too light?
    …any advice would be greatly appreciated, I hope iv provided enough info

The light colour is probably from overwatering. Your soil looks rather wet. Seedlings use very minimal water at the start. I’m talking a few drops a day until they get bigger. They don’t have the roots available yet, so they get most of their water through the leaves via humidity.

Let them dry out for a few days and they should perk up a bit.

Also, welcome to the community!


Cheers dex2020, appreciate u taking the time to respond to my post :+1: - will definitely follow ur advice and see how we go

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No worries. Nice to see fellow Aussies having a crack at growing. If you have any other issues, post them here and we’ll help. Really good bunch of people here.

Best of luck!


Welcome to the community ! Off to a great start
Looking good . @dex2020 got you covered
Good luck


I agree looking good they are a bit small for 4 weeks but you did make a rookie mistake already but don’t worry they will still grow you got lots of time a quiq tip for your next grow every time you transplant you loose valuable growing time so I highly suggest transplant only 1 time it’s hole life I usually start my seeds in a 5 gallon pot that I left the last 2 inch of pot with no dirt cus the first big stretch is the most likely time it falls over so I add soil to pot as it grows tell I reach the top with soil helps from falling over and getting a big stem started sorry my manners my name is Jamie I have been growing for about 20 years outdoors and the last 2 years indoor I am not magic but do have lots of experience and not scared to answer I don’t no if I don’t no I will add some pics what I got going right now and what I grew last year out side so you can get an idea of what your girls can become I read what you are using for medium and in my experience just going with pro mix hp never fails and dosent break the budget

first pic is now and there in my garage cus here it is a week away from fall and temp fell to 1 degrees c last night and going down to minus 1 c Thurs and Fri second pic was last year about 2 week before harvest keep in mind I am canadian and it’s legal for us in ontario to have 4 plants photo0_17


Thanks @James77 for ur advice and time :slightly_smiling_face: wow! Ur pics/plants look incredible! Damn they’re y’all! I’ll have to tie mine down a little or set up some shade cloth, so they don’t poke over our fence…I mean, that’s if they even survive or grow to be fruitful :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: :+1:

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No prob any time if you got questions I prob have some answers and that sucks you said don’t want them poking over the fence I think the hole world should get on board with our laws legal for pleasure aloud 4 plants per house hold it’s been ausom I haven’t paid for pot since the law past and nice not having to hide the girls


:100: percent @James77 - the whole world really needs to get onboard - for both medical and recreational purposes - it’s such a shame to see so much potential going to the wayside
Anyway thanks again mate , I may find myself coming to u from time to time for trusted and experienced guidance if need be, u definitely seem to know wat ur talking about!

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This is what my plants look like on day 28. I’ve mostly just been misting them and also misting the top of the soil just to keep it damp. I did my first real watering at day 31.

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My Grow Diary HERE if you are interested.