Advice on which strain to grow

I’m not new to growing. I have had successful grows of photoperiods and autoflower. Presently growing autos. I grow because I need relief from pain and I refuse to take opiods. I’ve grown 6 different plants and now i get v good results with autos. Im about to venture into coco coir grows.
What I’m looking for is a plant that will be a good daytime high energetic and euphoric.
Any suggestions? Like to know how others feel about which strain will work best for this.

For Pain management, there is plenty of CBD strains that will take care of the pain.

G13 Labs Peach Puree CBD took the pain away from several Cancer patients I helped.

Now if you want to get smashed aka head high and pain management Garden of Green Super Critical Bud CBD.

It doesn’t matter which source aka seed bank you get them from. Long as its the same Seed Cultivar you will be good.

I suffer in so much pain. If I wrote what is wrong, it would be a 2500 page novel.

For a energetic high you need to target Sativas.

Chocolope is definitely my new favorite. What sold me on the ILGM sativa pack. Also the one I’ve chosen to clone/keep.

For high energetic daytime autoflower I like Big Devil XXL. It’s a strong head buzz

Mk ultra has a quality and effect that’s hard to explain, it’s a unique high I would recommend

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