Advice on whether to harvest

So these guys (Sour Diesel) are at week 7.5 of flowering. I am around for another week then gone for 3 weeks. Per Royal Queen Seeds they say 10-11 weeks of flowering.

I have two choices… to harvest it next week or to wait until next month at which point I will be at week 12… the other downside is I won’t be here to feed or keep an eye on them.

What would you suggest? I attached several pics so you can see where they are now.

As always, THANK YOU.

Photo on 7-25-20 at 18.14 #2 Photo on 7-25-20 at 18.13 Photo on 7-25-20 at 18.12

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If you could gear up some way to water and feed i think they’d benefit from the extra growing time. :+1:


That plant will be better at 12 weeks than 8.


You have 3 to 4 weeks left IMO.

FYI don’t look at sugar leaves to determine how close to harvest you are.


OK so as far as watering I would be OK but nobody will be able to give it nutrients for 20 days.


The thing I am afraid of is if something goes wrong I lose both plants.

One way to look at it is this: If you do like most people, you would be giving it a cleansing of plain water for the last 14 days anyway. In your case, it would just be an additional 6 days. Give it a hearty feeding right before you leave, plain water thereafter and I think you will come back to find a plant that survived just fine consuming the food within its soil and fan leaves.

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Yeah no more nutes maybe some molasses or yucca extract bit very light waterings but you definitely will benefit from a few more weeks then give it two days no light before you harvest

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