Advice on what to soak, 4x5 indoor, soil

It need real advice on which of the following strains would be best suited for a 4x5x8 space indoors using soil. You guys have the experience and knowledge of their size and structure that could really help. I’m looking for good yields of high quality dank covered in crystals.
W. Widow xtrm
W. Widow
Amnesia trance
Lemon ice
Crystal rain
GD purple
Purple haze
Purple kush

Pick 3. I can’t fit many in there. 4 at the most.

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I can only speak from what i know. But white widow is pretty easy to grow and it does well indoors. Takes well to training and has a large yield. GDP is a super strong couch lock for me, incredible smoke and high. But have never grown it.

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Oh yes I agree. The white widow xtreme is from AMS, but either way WW will definitely be one of my choices. That’s pretty much decided. Thanks man @Axemanjake23

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I just bought 20 purple haze seeds. It’s supposed to be a high yielding plant. Might be nice for that size tent.

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W. Widow, GD purple, and chemdawg it is. The purple haze can be next. Soaking now. And so it begins…

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The problem with growing multiple strains at the same time is that they’re all different. Sometimes they all need different nutes. They may all grow differently, (fast or slow). Some grow taller than others, and their harvest times may vary too.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s all possible. I grow 3-4 strains at a time, but it takes more work/attention than just 1 strain.


Growing GDP now and its been great as far as size and easy to LST. 2x2x4 tent here.