Advice on using Nematodes etc

I had a problem with Thrips /Spider Mites in my outdoor garden last year.Thinking of using Nematodes this year.Any advice?..Thanks!

There are some serious issues with certain species of Nematodes attacking the root
structure of cannabis.

There was a photo posted not long ago from Nodule Nematodes eating up a plant in mid flower. He had to dig out his entire flower bed and plant mustard seed to kill them off.

Were the Nematodes added to the ground for pest control? I did see some that were ‘hemp friendly’…if you could direct me to that thread I would appreciate it…

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And another thread

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I would work on clearing out the area you plan to grow in and sterilize it as much as possible. Buy some LadyBugs, Preying Mantis, neem oil and hope the pest problem is

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You asked for advice.
If your mind was already made up, why ask for peoples opinions?

Go ahead, put parasites’ into your soil. I certainly wouldn’t knowing what can happen to my plants roots. I don’t give a sh$t if there are 2 or 3 beneficial types. knowing there are 22 species that dine on cannabis roots and can ruin a grow space I wouldn’t be caught dead adding those to my grow area.

Dont get all bent out of shape over it…:>)

What a waste of time…