Advice on topping /FIM

Hello All,
this is my only second attempt to grow outdoors in pots.
Question is, when should I top or FIM my plants, or do i need to since they are out side.
Growing Amnesia Haze, Chocolope, and big bud…
They are only 3-4 weeks old and I have just transplanted seedlings into some big ass pots.
Any advice is appreciated.
My goal is to have multiple colas instead of just one…


I’m no vet but I’ll just rely some advice I picked up topping and fiming start as early as the 3rd/4th node. There’s a lot of solid advice here with many willing to help out maybe tag a few members to get their expertise.

Just my $0.02


Most people top or FIM at the 5th or 6th node. I have that same trio of seeds, still growing my Chocoloupe. The Amnesia is amazing! :slight_smile:


Ill do it at 4 or 5 nodes, depends on the plant


I’m still a newbie but I agree with the other comments. I would wait a week or so while your girls acclimate to their new pots. Best of luck with your grow! Jeb


I concur 5th node and up
You do not want to do it to early as it can stunt root growth as well as veg growth


I just FIM’ed one of my plants as soon as the 4th node was formed enough to cut it off. The plant seems to like it. I also wanted to keep this plant a little shorter.
My second plant I plan on Topping between 5-6 node, probably next week. This one is shorter to start with.

I’m a new grower but I read, a lot.

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Right on man
You gonna love it man
I am also a newb

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I usually FIM the 5th node off. That is also when the roots start to grow so it looks as if the plant stalls for 4 or 5 days then they take off. I will then let the plant recover for a week then I top or FIM all of the new tops from the first fim. Last harvest I had over 15 tops

This was the best example I get find this is 2-1

Hope this helps :wink:

thanks Jeb

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thanks for the advice, sounds like the more i top, more splitting will happen, equals more flowers…

thank you hogmaster

thanks raustin, Never smoked any of these and I cant wait for November…:slight_smile:

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Thanks growit