Advice on Spider Mite control

OK, so I got mites, SM90, Neem oil, Spinosad available. First spray was sm90, then neem oil. What would be next? Continue, add spinosad or something else. Plants are budding.


I used AzaMax, after having to harvest 2 WW Auto earlier than they should have and losing almost all of my 2 Gold Leaf. I used diatomaceous earth twice and things seemed to have gotten under control but then the 4 above plants started getting sticky and my buds were full of the damn things. Took them all outside, sprayed them off with water and then sprayed them with AzaMax soaking all of the buds and undersides of the leaves and then I did it again a week later. I have one plant left, a bag seed of some kind of Mexican weed that is about to be harvested. The AzaMax can be sprayed on the plants up to 24 hours before harvest! In future grows I will preemptively treat my plants for spider mites intermittently, even if I never see one. They multiply very, very fast and can ruin your crop really quickly, literally eating all of the resin ( tricomes) on the buds and leaves.


I just picked up some (green cleaner) … not sure how well it works yet… I’m going to start using it on a reg basis as a deterrent… it’s kinda spendy , but if it does what it says , it’ll be worth it… :wink:

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will add some spinosad into the regimen. probably alternate between SM90, Neem, & Spinosad. I am thinking use something every other day for as long as it takes. Was also wondering if I used menthol cigs in @garrigan62 recipe if I could get menthol flavor buds. Will learn this lesson and use something as a preventive from now on. Not sure if I am more pissed at the mites or myself for getting them.

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Don’t b mad at yourself. I had them F’n things for two years so i know just how you feel .
Here is that recipe just in case


Tabacco Juice recipe

Take 3 strong ciggeretes or more soak them over night in water adding hot chili power the hotter the better. And
Boil it for 2 to 3 miniutes, let it cool off. Then using ladies nylon socks strain other wise you won’t be able to spray it. and spray the plants 3 to 4 times a week. You can add safer soap if you like to the mixture.
(make absolutly sure you use gloves/face protection while handling and spraying)
Neem oil works very well too!!
ZBQ has an excellent thread on how to use neem oil


When I had mites, I dusted mt plants with Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth, and have not had a mite in the room since.


Had them for last 2 weeks. Only sprayed them 3 times, so after some more reading, I obviously am not treating them frequently enough. Will use something every 3 days, or alternate them and go nightly with a different one. @latewood I do have some DE, if I use it on leaves, how often would I need to apply? Also I am battling rust fungus, would one be better to treat both at same time?

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Look up smite its for spider mites


We used this along with @garrigan62 Tobacco juice tea for bugs. It’s good stuff

Southern Ag Natural Pyrethrin Concentrate, 8oz

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little bastids still around after another neem 2 days ago, spinosad is next up at lights out tonight. What the hell, probably alternate all three daily for a few weeks. Mostly concerned with how badly the damage is going to affect my blue dream buds.

@70sChick The Pyrethrin seemed to be the strongest one of the bunch, not really sure if it can be used on budding plants. I am sure I will have to wash them, no matter what I end up with on them.

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Neem and ‘pressure’ washing plants with water/vinegar solution worked for me for mild infestation. Good luck!

Dame sorry dude get onto them quickly and you’ll be right my friend

It’s fine to use it. We used it the day before we harvested. Good luck @bryan

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Hey Ya’ll!

I’m on second grow, after hacking down first grow due to incoming house guests.
This time I’m growing five Purple Haze, in the cellar in a grow room, with heater,
three LED lights between 350 and 600 watts, four six inch fans, and duct work that
brings the hot air up top down to the bottom vent.
Everything was going well until a fruit fly looking bug got in there and multiplied.
I looked through some posts, and saw a guy used two teaspoons of cinnamon oil in a pint of water with
other stuff too. I got some of the CO, and also put some cinnamon on the dirt around the plants.
Sprayed the plants and unfortunately, by the next morning they looked like they were done for.
I had to take off allot of dead leaves, and the they got better as a few weeks went by.
I talked to an indoor grower buddy, and he told me Dr. Bronners Castile Soap was all he ever

He used one tablespoon per gallon of 6.0ph water. That’s what I will use now. The cinnamon was
a disaster. Here are pix of the last two leaves I had to pinch off.

Heard of cinnamon working like DE, the oil is a new one to me. Must smell great. After reading some more, will use neem oil as preventive, cuz am getting double duty out of it. I have some rust fungus also, and it treats both of my current issues.

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I’ve used spinosad to take care of my mite problem with varying degrees of success - I had 3 plants in flower when they showed up, started on one and spread to other 2 mostly on the lower leaves and brnaches.
In my experience the trick is to get ahead of their reproductive schedule - so basically you want to keep spraying every 2-3 days until you don’t see any eggs. If you don’t have a jeweler’s loupe you should get one so you can zoom in to see the little f*ckers. For good measure I also spray the top layer of the soil and fabric pots/containers. Also make sure you hit the underside of the leaves and try to cover every leaf surface.

I was a little weary of spraying buds 2-3 weeks from harvest so I bought some lady bugs and set a handful free in the tent to help get rid of the remaining mites and eggs without affecting my plants. They seemed to work out but the downside is some got into my lights and messed up a couple of bulbs and they also tend to wander outside of the tents from time to time.

Don’t give in dude! And after every harvest I empty my tents, spray with diluted bleach and clean the shit out of it, air it out and then run fans before I start a new grow. It’s tedious but that way I know I’m starting out with an almost sterile tent every grow.


I use neem oil mixed with Dawn dish soap. (Original) works great!


I did finally kill all the bugs in the room, anyway.

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