Advice on soil mixing

So I’m new here first time posting and I was just wondering on how I should be mixing my soil/medium.
i plan on using 5 gallon fabric pots. I have some coco coir from bushdoctor and some ocean forest from fox farms and also using some perlite I am growing organically using down to earth organics because I can’t seem to get gai green in the u.s with out product damage.
Currently have
2x30lbs of the coco coir
1x20lbs bag of the ocean forest
4/4/4 down to earth vegetable garden mix
5/4/2 down to earth bio-love mix
4/8/4 down to earth rose and flower mix
Perlite and worm casting from wiggle worm

My main question is should I be mixing the coco coir with the ocean forest fertilizer and adding the 4/4/4 garden mix and 5/4/2 bio-live

Or can I just use the coco coir with the dry amendments and just worm castings and perlite

Also not sure what other amendments I would need to grow in just coco or if a blend of coco soil is better strictly due to the fact of nutrients that are pre loaded with the ocean forest already. First time trying this out any advice is appreciated thanks.

P.S can’t wait for my Widow autos to get here cheers

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Most of us would advise you against mixing soil and coco itd be smarter to just have separate pots with just those mediums (and phing your water separately for each medium)as for mixing your base ingredients and dry amendments let me direct you over Here where I have a guide for growing autos with dry amendments(and can substitute worm casting for blood meal at roughly 3-4x the amount)


Ditch any soils that have an NPK value with any sort of “time released” “extended release” “6month 9month feeds”… all those are no good for cannabis honestly all that stuff besides the ocean forest and the bushdoctor… that’s cocoloco correct? I’d work with those in gallon size oot to beging with or solo cups for that matter and up pot as you get older plants… big pots can cause issue with new growers… over water can happen very easy… insuggest atleast start in solo cups before you get into 5 gallon fabrics… ad you will have a good month to 2 months before you need to worry about x amount of 5 gallon pot your need to fill… I would add perlite to the mix as well…dont worm castings… and @GreenSnek ocean forest is soiless…can be mixed with cocoloco no problem because cocoloco is not 100% coir like a brick your thinking of… it looks just like ocean forest… isnt bush doctor made by fox farm…

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Ohh your right they advertise it as soil so I never looked into it being actually peat moss blend then yea you can/ should use ph ~6.0 water with it(though looking even more into it ,it isnt soiless since it uses loamy forest soil in the mix I THINK? I dunno I do just work with bricks of coco and previously my own peat moss and compost blend)

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I’m sorry I missed some of your questions… do you have any actual fertilizer what are those 444 484 and 456…seem pretty close to each other can you post pics of the ingredients and but yes if your gonna use ocean forest and cocoloco separate might make issues… I would probably suggest to mix everything in the beginning… look into some neem oil for bugs… how will you be checking your ph and what kinda water source will you be is using?

I run ocean forest at a range of 5.8 to 6.5… allows for better absorbsionltion of certain nutes… if you look on a ph chart some are juuust on the edge of available at like 5.8 and 6.2 it’s out of range and then theres some that are just in range on 6.5and at 6.3it’s out if range so it’s good to fluctuate a little

Coco loco by foxfarm

Ocean forest

5/4/2 bio-live

4/4/4 veg garden

Water source is just tap water dechlorinated tested at 140ppm and ph base was hovering around 7.8
I also have seed starter pots and housing

So in your opinion then I should be fine to do a mix? I have heard that the ocean forest can nutrient burn new plants still trying to learn what all the safe levels are for nutrients. And when I was shopping I did opt for ocean forest over the happy frog because I had seen a couple people say that the two mix well together and help grow some really healthy think roots and stalks.

Coco loco is a mix of Aged forest products, coco coir , perlite , earthworm castings , fossilized bat guano , Norwegian kelp meal , oyster shell and dolomite lime (for pH adjustment). It can be used by itself. You can certainly combine coco loco with ocean forest. You are then basically reducing the per cent of coco coir in the overall mix.
I use FF OF and it does not need any additional nutrients to support vegging plants for 4 - 5 weeks. I do add a brick of coco to it and other amendments. However, I use a starter mix for seedlings and transplant into my OF mix.
Not much help with dry ingredients. I certainly would not mix it into OF. Once you get a month into it, I guess you would use them as top dressings. I used advanced nutrients or Jack’s so you need guidance from elsewhere.

If u plant into cocoloco by itself make sure u run a ton of phd water thru it to buffer it out. I tried cocoloco first before canna coco and had nothing but problems. Mixing the cocoloco and ffof together did well with the plants as a mix soil. Now im full on canna coco and jacks woth AN additives. Just make sure that the cocoloco is having a good runoff numbers before u drop the seed in it and with autos id go strait to the final home as to not cause transplant stress. They get stressed when transplant and does major harm to final yield. Final home to start and soak down yhe pot one good time and leave tol the pot feel airy loght again 3 to 4 days probably. Then soak again for the next few days. Good lick welcome to the community. Ull love it here

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[quote=“Mark0427, post:10, topic:65675”]
jacks woth AN additives
May I ask what AN supplements you are adding? I have the Iguana Organic line and a bunch of supplements. I have one purple kush in an autopot with coco using Jacks. Another purple kush in a 5 gallon SIP with coco. I have four purple haze in coco to be transplanted and eventually into 5 gallon SIPs (experimenting with sub-irrigated planters). I would think those with a * would be good to add.
Mother Earth
Ancient Earth

  • Sensisym
  • Rhino Skin
  • Bud Candy
  • Big Bud
  • Nirvana
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Those ferts seem like good sources fertilizers… fish mean bone meal feather meal kelp meal alfalfa… all grade a derivative…
I’d mix cocoloco and OF… but I’d add a goossizebag of perlite to themix…
Strait tapwater phed to about 6 to 6.5 you will be in good shape… after about second week of strait water you can start introducing entry lvl nutes… thenslow raisr… the coco you have there is good and packed with microbilogy so your in good shape… what kind of light do you have

@fano_man I have the new Mars-Hydro FC-E 3000 wich just came out last week and okay cool now do I need to pre buffer the coco someone else posted that I should buffer the coco loco just from his past experiences @Mark0427 how do I pre buffer it is it just running ph water through it right?

Here are the light specs from the Mars

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Yes whatever nutes u mix at the desired ph and run it thru the coco slow. Like half gallon slow let it soak in for 10 mins or so add more then let soak til u get good run off with a good ph coming out. Might only have to do phd calmag water i do believe u were mixing with ffof but id buffer the coco first so ur not washing out all the nutes in the ffof then mix the 2 with peralite to ur desire

I have bud ignitor big bud and bud candy i use with jacks and canna coco. Also use flower fuel here and there hacks bloom recharge cal mag floraliscious plus tribus and great white i have a bunch i just alternaye here and there between waterings. Seems to work out well so far.

Cocoloco is definatley buffered… cocolocos tricky I’d run ph from 6.5 to 5.8 like I mentioned some nutes more available about 6.2 and some better below 6… seing it and dont buffer cocoloco it’s already charged and buffered and micro biology added… simply start water only.
I’d start seeds in the cocoloco and then veg and flower in a mix of both… is that light dimable… make sure your either raised high or dimmed low power… for seeds you wanna slowly raise power or lower fixture till you hit flower you wanna be max strength and almost as close as you can get by the time your buds start…
Honestly tho those nutes look good…and your on the right track for organic growing so … can you find a feeding chart for those nutes… and can you find a guaranteed analysis for all the nutrients in those 3 you got… where did you get these… they seem good but I dunno if there canabis friendly… most nutes will work but targeted to canabis is good to know… if it’s not you might need a supplement of this or that but the derivitieves look good … wish i could see an analysis

And damn mars hydro trying to press up on my design lol… I copied this design from the gavita 1700e like 2 years ago
408 watt custom built from scratch for veg

It’s a veg monster 2x4 ft frame will do a 6x5 veg easy … I built 4 of them

@Mark0427 how well is that great white working out for your was debating on going with them or synergy for transplanting.
@fano_man that’s a nice looking like you got there I would know the first thing about building a light but I did build my own grow tent. 3x5 with ability to be a 5x5 in future.

Actually just got done with the duct work today going straight to the attic. And I did decide to go with a 80/20 mix of the coco loco and FF OF and going with a 1/2 tbs per gallon of the 4/4/4 by DTE organic dry amendments and a 1/2 tbs per gallon of the 5/4/2 bio-live from DTE. And 1/2 tbs per gallon of wiggle worm castings.
Will be adding cal-mag into my watering schedule per needed based on the plant.
Compost tea weekly during veg.
End rant lol
That’s about as far as my planning process has been.

Nice ingenuity I live inprivising…

This whole secret room was built out of a pallet I tore apart frame the room and 1 and a half sheets of dry wall and spray foam… 6x2 with ac in the wall cavity and closed up with drywall

Like I said they work out to about a dollar a watt roughly… so if you do in the future let us know