Advice on setup and nutes

A question from a fellow grower:

This is my first grow by myself, I’ve done a few others but I had help with those, I want to tell you my entire set up and nute line and I would love for you to give me your opinion on what I’m looking at for end results and if I have a good enough set up. Also, your nutrient line that u sell on your website, are these easier to use than what I have? Do you use your nutrient line by themselves or as additives?

(1) 4x8 gorilla grow tent
(2) California light work 440 leds (600 watt hid equivalent for each light)
(12) 5 gallon air pots
Canuk seeds (sour diesel, bubba Kush, northern light, white widow)
Nutrients (general hydroponic- bloom;grow;micro)
Medium (coco, no perlite)
Cali magic cal mag