Advice on setup and method

From a fellow grower:

I’m doing auto gsc fast bud seeds and I’m trying to gain all the knowledge possible before grow. Will the 2 Mars II 300 w led lamps I have in a 3x3x8 room closet for 3 plants? If so will the nugs be dense and/or airy? Plus if you could let me know what will make or break me in my grow. I’ll be using smart pot 5 gal on about 4. Water until runoff and feed it like week 2. Then my lights 24" away and rotate the plants. Umm no lst bc I’m not experienced plus iam super worried until ruin the genetics and my yield. I’ll have a 20-4 light schedule and harvest around day 63-66 according to other gscs harvests. I pray this works so I can stop emptying my bank accounts for mediocre meds

3 plants in a 3x3 space with no lst or experience. I think you have to consider the fact plants can get quite large in 5 gal pots and being auto’s they don’t respond well to stress but it is certainly doable the amount of light you have is more suitable for 2 plants imo. Auto’s are tricky plants to grow as a experienced grower let alone a new grower I would add another light