Advice on seedlings

Okay, grow experts. What do I need to make sure these little guys continue? Any glaring issues at this point?image|375x500

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Sorry. Currently the one is in a jiffy pot and the other is in a peat cup with Burpees Seed starter mix.

No expert but 75-80ish temp and around 55-60 rh. If you can’t keep up the humidity put a dome on them. Looks good, be careful to not over water

How often should i water these? Everybody says use a spray bottle like twice a day, but that seems like a lot. However, the one in the cup is in Coco, so should I water it more? Also, where should my lights be? I have a 75 watt ones LED and an SF-1000. I’m stressing out over first grow because I want to get as much right the first time as I can!


We have different growin* styles, I don’t use peat pots or coco so it’s hard for me to say on the watering. Wet dry cycles are best for me in happyfrog. I’m typically around 30ml every 2 days, less if they have domes on.i think the coco needs a bit more.
I would think your75watt light should be good for the 1st 2 weeks.
It’s a learning curve for sure but try to keep track of what you’re doing so it’s easier to learn from the success and failures


Right on. Thanks! I’m keeping a grow journal currently.

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Ok: Your “babies” look good. I define four stages for growth. 1. Germination (check); 2. seedling (lasts about 1 week) - during this time water with spray or eyedropper. Not too much - start at the base of the seedling and gradually move outward in circles. Remember you are also encouraging root growth away from the base of the seedling. I use a smal LED from HD for this - suspended VERY close to the “babies”. Do NOT use the SF1000 yet. 3. Veg: NOW begin using the SF1000. l would start at a distance of 30" (but I do not use this light source - contact some others for this info). veg usually lasts 3 to 4 weeks. 4. Flowering

Always remember: Growing is learning.

So I shouldn’t be using my leds at all right now? That’s all I have been doing at about 3’ from the sprouts.

How often should I be watering?

I would just mist or give a few squirts about an inch away from the base of stem. At least once a day,


Sorry, been off-line.

I usually water seedlings once or twice a day. While I said “eyedropper” I usually use a pipette (a pipette will hold about a teaspoon or two of water). After a while you will begin to feel when you need to add water.

As to the lighting question, I have even used a red LED 80 watt light for about the first week of a new grow (not in Veg yet.).

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So what’s the deal?

Kinda looks dry. I would cover it with a glass bowl or jar after a light watering. Would help to have an overhead view though. Are the leaves curling (taco style) and discolored? That pic makes it seem so.

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Just guessing I would put the smaller light about 16"-24" and adjust to make the plant happy.

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That is exactly what’s happening. When you say a glass jar you mean completely over the peat pot?

Yes. It should make a closed system like a terrarium. Keeps the Rh higher. The cover should fog up. At this stage CO2/air circulation is not much an issue.

Just the yellow one? I feel like the bigger one is doing better, which I don’t get.

Diagnosing that is above my paygrade but I would cover and observe hoping for recovery.
Also nutes are not recommended for a while.(I’m pretty sure you know this)

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Here’s the other one.

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Wouldn’t hurt to do both unless you just want to compare…