Advice on second grow, first Scrog. ILGM Sour Diesel

Gday people, this is my second grow, and first time at Scrog. ILGM Sour Diesel.

Soil grow Mars Hydro TS600 lights @ 18/6. 2ft x 2.5ft grow space.
Temp constant 82. RH 50/60.
She is 6 weeks from seed, I thought she looks a little small though bushy,
I have Fimmed and topped.
I’m gonna leave it veg for a few more weeks.
Can someone advise me if she is looking like she is at where she should be.
Any other advice would be very much appreciated.
My first grow was ILGM Gold leaf and White Widow. The advice I got from ILGM Help me to very successful grow.
Should I start taking the leaves from below the net now, or leave till I switch to 12/12?

I noticed you didn’t weave your net, is that done on purpose?

No mate, there is no reason. It’s my first Scrog, I didn’t even think of weaving.
Thanks for your thoughts, I will have to keep a look out to see if there is any problems because of it…:thinking::woozy_face: