Advice on scrog screen


I am going to try my hand at scrog. I made a 2’x4’ screen. Can I get 2 plants under that? Or should I stick with just 1? I am growing under a 2000 watt king plus led light.


For best results with your current light, one plant will work. 2
They both may struggle for intensity for flowering. @Leprecon


I agree. I grew single plants in about a 2x2, in only 3 gallon smart pots, and they got crowded. If you take the time to fill the screen well, one plant would do very well in that space.


It all depends on how much time you want to spend filling it up, and your container size.

Yes you can use one plant in a 2’x4’ screen. But 2 will fill it quicker.


I am planning on vegging them for about 2 months.


Your light pulls 380w± It’s almost enough for a 2’x4’ scrog.

You can put one plant in a 5-7gal pot, in the middle of your net and see how far it’ll spread within 2 months. It may hit 2’x3’, which for your light, is perfect.

Or you can try to use 2 plants under the net and fill it out. But with only that one light your edges might be weak and larfy.


^ That’s what I came here to say, more or less!