Advice on ppp MEASUREMENTS

when reading my run off, what should my readings be.( ppm wise) growing in co co. useing roberts formula, how much lower should they be, from what i am putting in .thanks RAY

That number will change over time so kind of hard to give you a hard number.

As long as runoff is lower than input you don’t need to flush, if runoff is less than half input then bump input up 100 ppm until you get balance. Flush when runoff exceeds input.

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when it comes time to harvest, do you turn off lights the last 4 days, not ready yet growing in co co hlg lights 33 day of flowering any advise on harvesting would be great

ps auto flower

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I do a few things: once I determine a harvest date I start running straight R/O water and monitor runoff until it drops below my target. In coco that would be less than 200 ppm runoff.

Once TDS target is reached I do no more than 36 hours of darkness. Branches are removed from the main stem (defoliation happened during water-only).

Plant material is given a bud wash in peroxide and hung to drip dry. Then dried in as close to 55% RH and 60F as I can get. 7 to 10 days is ideal.

when you say a bud wash in peroxide do you mean spray, or put under in peroxide. is that to kill bugs? i am growing in a tent (first time ) is that for taste or what. never heard of that befor, hell there is a lot i never new befor. crop last year came out well but i never could get the taste and smell the way i wanted thanks RAY

when you harvest, and put your buds in a glass jar, how long do you leave the jar open when you BURP, your buds . trying to cure so i can get the taste and smell that i want. i am growing autos and giving them flush and 24-36 hrs of dark befor cutting them, and advice would be helpful. thanks, RAY