Advice on plants drooping

So I’ve seen this before with my other light but not for some time the only thing I changed was light and air movement. they started drooping about an hour before the light shut off and the pic was taken 30 minutes after it came on

I went ahead and brightened the light a little bit as I didn’t see any signs of light stress that I know of. I was thinking maybe the higher temps plus humidity with increased air movement (added a second 4 inch fan) and stronger light maybe their little stressed. The new light is a hlg 135 v2 rspec. The light before was a blurple 135 watt with the veg an bloom switch so I’m assuming I was at around 65 watts or so with it since i only had veg switch on.

Any thoughts or opinion could use some help also no I dont have a light meter to measure the watts unfortunately

Sometimes they will naturally start to droop around lights out.
Usually they will perk up for lights on.
When did you last water?


Agree with Norman especially when the fan leaves are that big.


In Coco coir water twice a day everyday also thank you I was assuming this to be the case but as a first timer I get nervous :sweat_smile:

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I agree with the comments. They look healthy. As long as they’re perky by morning, I wouldn’t stress.

So we can eliminate underwatering as a cause of leaves drooping in the morning.
Leaves will sometimes droop a little as the pics show when watered recently.
In coco overwatering is not so much a problem. At the size they are twice a day may not be necessary, but I agree with the others that they do look really good. Keep us posted as we love to watch grows by everyone.
Good choice on lighting too.

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Thank you very much and I will also have grow journal it’s mostly for myself and taking notes lol I post a link

Well they are still droopy which is definitely not normal my gf is going to lower the light a little see if that helps and I’ll turn it up more at lunch break

Most plants posture in anticipation of lights out which is what you are seeing. Nothing to worry about. This is normal: you don’t need to do anything about it.

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Except the pic is about 30 minutes after lights on and there still droopy now after 4 hours of it on

If it’s droopy all day then you have a root issue. Dose with Mycos maybe and only water once a day to runoff.

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I’ll give it a try they get the exact same feed as my other plant which is still under my old light and is doing perfect still the only thing that changed was the light hopefully they perk back up but if not I’ll skip tonight’s watering and see what happens and maybe run a couple gallons of pH water through my pots to make sure there pH and salt isn’t to high

It will probably adapt just fine if given time.
I try not to change too many things at once or I wont know what might be wrong.

Very true going to mostly observe today

Prob to much water as they should only need once a day. My guess and final answer…lol
Turn the light up instead of lowering it if it’s not up all the way.

nothing to be concerned about. your ladies look wonderful. normal for plants to “rest” when lights go out. after all, they are working full time.

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