Advice on plant?

Hey guys! 1st time grower here. I got a few seeds as a gift and decided I’d give it a shot and try to grow. However, it’s day 17 (6/17) and I’m noticing a few issues with her. It’s looks like the tips are curling down & a very very small spot of yellow has popped up.

Here’s my current set up, be nice, it’s my very first grow.

Afghan Kush
Location: 1/2 bathroom
Pot: Peat Pot
Lights: 60W CFL in a reflector clamp light
Water: Distilled at room temp
Soil: A natural and organic soil from Lowe’s, no fertilizer. Made by Jiffy (all they had besides MiracleGrow) with Perlite
Airflow: USB fan, humidifier and bathroom exhaust fan.
Air Temp: 74-78 degrees

of hours for light: 18/6 on a timer.

I thought maybe I was overwatering, I got a little obsessive and wanted to keep checking on the plant. I however stopped watering for a few days and haven’t seen a change.

I’ve done as much research to try and get an idea of what’s going on but I’m not finding much. Here are some pics:

Let me know what you think. Thank you in advance!


What’s the rh like? That would be my guess to curling leaves, probably a little too low or just needing water. Yellowing could be from lack of nutrients, or ph buffers. If you grow in completely inert media usually need at add some nutrients and adjust ph. Do you have bag it came in?

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Thanks for the response! I ordered a new thermometer for the temp and rh, so I don’t quite have that answer yet. I haven’t started any nutes yet, I was hoping to learn a little more before I totally botch it. Here’s the bag from my soil:

I also have a pH meter coming. But from research I’ve found that this soil is around 6.4-6.7… but I know it can fluctuate as well. I’m just concerned about the curling tips and the fact that most plants around the age of mine are usually bigger. Perhaps slowed growth?

Shes fine let her grow :slight_smile:

I’m not sure, I would like to be able to see bag ingredients. But can’t really find them online.

Here are the ingredients, it’s literally the only thing listed on the back.

And just overnight, this is what my plant looks like… the original pics posted when I started the forum was taken only an hour from posting. And now she looks like this :sob:

Since you stopped watering her, give her about 2 cups water, she will be fine, she just thirsty as hell. Your ingredients has ph balancer for your soil.

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@jacarrt1 Air Temp: 74-78 degrees. My own opinion, I say your temp is to hot, bring down at least to 65-68.

I agree with putting healthy ring of water around it. Also thinking your light may be a little close. You could also get some kind of a dome over it and mist the inside of dome to get rh up.

Ahhh okay. I will try that. Do you suggest I move to a bigger pot? It’s currently in a peat pot.

Your girl might appreciate that a little bit. Be sure to water her after transplant. New Soil in all, just to get it primed.

Not big enough to move in my opinion. I won’t transplant until sometime after the plant is big enough the leaves hang outside diameter of pot they’re in.