Advice on photos-Time to Harvest?

HI Friends, Here’s a shot of two different species and I know nothing of the genetics. Can anyone tell me if they look ready to harvest? The short plant with the more brown pistols is about 4 feet tall and has skinny leaves. The trichromes look milky but in the sun they glisten. The “greener” plant is 6 feet tall and had large thick leaves. It doesn’t have brown pistols, and the trichromes look a bit more clear. Neither of them have brown trichromes as far as I can tell. Im growing in Western, MA and its about time to harvest. Weather is rain tomorrow but Wed or Thurs may do if you think they are ready. Thanks so much!

It honestly depends on what type of high you’re looking for. I prefer to harvest at the very first sign of amber trichomes, it gives a more energetic high. A lot of folks like their buds to have 20-25% amber. Make sure to check the bud and not the leaves when looking at the trichomes. The more amber ones, the more of a sedated high you’ll get.

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Also, I live in Maine and we have at least a month of good weather left I believe. One night of frost won’t really hurt your ladies, but three or four consecutively will.

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Thanks! I’m not really concerned about frost right now as much as the fact that the top picture is showing 50% brown pistols and the trichromes look milky on the buds…I live at about 1000 feet altitude and we generally get our first frost by 10/4 or so…

And…this is my first time growing so…have read a lot of conflicting advice…Rain the next day or so…

Can you move them indoors during the rain? I had mine in 10 gallon buckets and would bring them inside during rainstorms.

Planted in earth… :O)

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This was my first year growing as well my friend. This forum helped me tremendously. Here is a shot of one of my ladies before I cut them a couple weeks ago.


At the very least be sure to shake off the water. Mold is running wild this year.

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Both girls the day before I cut them.

Yes, thank you! I’ve avoided it thus far…I dry the leaves with paper towels each morning,

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And those plants look great…

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Personally, I say another 2-3 weeks. Looks like it still needs to fatten up a bit more and put on some more trics. @Daveyjames207 picture is what you’re looking for, the sparklies all over the bud AND sugar leaves.

From what I understand, October is the magic month. I grow autos only so my seed to harvest is approx 3.5 months, give or take 2 weeks.


My first post & my first grow…
Getting nervous, wondering if I should be harvesting my Blueberry Girls??

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Hi all…these pics look nice!

I’m also a first time grower…in MA also…Anyone think I can harvest now? I just got inside from taking a piece of bud off because of mold starting. I have caught it both times fairly early but am starting to get worried. I am leaving town for 2 nights starting tomorrow and can’t keep an eye on them. It has been raining a bunch this year and I have no idea what strain this is…Do I need to harvest now or can I wait until I see some amber trichomes, which I think will be soon? Maybe 1 more week? Thanks for any help!

She really doesn’t look ready at all. Do you have pics of the trichs?

yea that’s what I was thinking…I want to wait but am worried about mold as I have seen and removed 2 small spots now. Here’s a close up of the main cola…sorry not the best photo but seems like they are all just cloudy, not amber…

It’s hard to tell from that pic, but if you say they’re all cloudy then you can harvest early. It’s better than losing the whole grow to mold or rot.

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I’m harvesting this weekend looks nice. I wait till it’s very amber and frosty. Lights off Thursday pick Saturday whoop whoop


Thank you! Sampled a little bud last night…just 4 tokes and quite potent! Very stimulating, hard to sleep after… I’ll do a tiered harvest for the sake of learning and label time/date. Thanks again!