Advice on organic nutes for flowering

Hey everyone. On my second grow at the moment and was try to get away from the fox farm trio I used on my last run. After my last harvest I was amazed at the amount of salt buildup on my bags, as well as running into problems burning some plants early on. Any suggestions on some organic nutes for flowering. I’m still in veg for now and haven’t been feeding anything yet. Growing in FFOF and the girls look happy. Two Durban poison btw, 3x3, Mars hydro tsw3000, scroging. Thanks. :call_me_hand:


Im new, i used natures pride bloom and nirvana in my living soil, seemed to do the job :sweat_smile: :upside_down_face:

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Jacks 321 isn’t organic but is super cheap and super easy to use.
I actually dont use it but its the #1 nutrients used by near every one around here…

I use General hydroponics trio its alot like foxfarm kinda, and if i follow there suggested doses i allso get lots of salt on bags, wild ppm numbers, have to flush a few times… but i found if i literally cut the dose in half, i get the same results without all the salt build up and flushing.
It really is set up so you buy more faster in most cases…

That’s my 2cents my freind, I dont know anything about organics, I just know salts can work good if used properly. And most proper use typically isnt always printed on the label :confused:

Should give jacks a look though, one of these days all switch to it :sleepy:

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Earth Dust
Gaia Green 444/284
Down To Earth

MeEasy uses Earth Dust


Thanks for the input I’ll check em out.

Yea I’ve been using the fox farm at 50-75% of the suggested dose. You know they want you to use it up as fast as possible. I had decent results with my last grow. Just figure if there’s a organic route that might be a little safer for the ladies wouldn’t hurt to try.


Absolutely :+1:
I’ve been moving over to autopots. I love these things so far :grin:

First time hearing of em. Just looked them up. Little on the pricy side but they look cool.

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I switched to Jack’s 321. not organic though. but is it fast and easy

Just looked at the jacks, is the 321 one particular product or three different ones.couple of the descriptions claim to be a start to finish product. Either way, looks way more wallet friendly.

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It is 3 different and is good through harvest. Be sure to follow mixing instructions. mixture should stay clear when all aremixed. If cloudy pitch it

Advanced Nutrients has an organic line of nutrients. I used it for a couple of soil grows. Like you I was using the Trio and wanted an alternative. At the time AN did not have a complete organics line. But what they had I used (tough to find) Iguana Juice Grow and Bloom are the primary nutrients. You add from there.
Lots of bud enhancers, voodoo juice bacteria, Rhino skin silica. You can spend a small fortune if you go crazy
most of what I used

I have since changed to coco and Jack’s. However, I still add many of the AN supplements at 50% and not daily.
HTG Supply carries most of AN lines and is priced better than many others I’ve looked at.

If interested in the dry nutrient route Earth Dust is highly regarded.


You can use Gai green you just top dress with it or u can use bat guano and worm castings


Having amazing success with Earth Dust. More terpenes and stickier than ever before.

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I’ve checked out the gai green. Looks pretty good. Was also looking into making a compost tea with some guano and castings.

Gaia green sells bat guano, look for mineralized phosphate

Here’s a breakdown of Gaia green 444/284 and Earth Dust

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Maybe it’s not bat quano exactly? Start at 4:30 into the video

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I plan on using all these at half dose.

Using happy frog soil for the final pot. Currently The plants are in 50/50 mix of OF/HF, and only 2/3 week old plants.

This is my first grow, and I’m wishing I went the organic route, so I will be following to see what people say.

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Ur on the right track


Im in the same boat as you. Being a beginner myself, im wanting to try organic. I have finished two grows using the FF HF with perlite and the FF Trio and have some great results. I grew the same strain both times GSCE auto’s so i could try things a little different to see the results. I can say that more is not better as far as nutes go. First grow i used just the trio and went by the chart and had nute burn, had to flush the heck out of them. Second grow i used the trio plus cha ching and bembe. I cut way back on the nutes and never had to really flush. I would just give them a extra gallon or so of water on flush days. I had a little better yield on second grow and much stickier and better smelling buds. Fox Farm are the only nutes i’ve tried but i liked the results. First grow I averaged 10.1 oz per plant second grow 12.8 oz using FF nutes and soil, i’ll take that every I don’t see any cal mag, i would suggest you get some and start using it at least by start of flower if not sooner. At least that’s what i had to do with the gsce auto’s.
I am wanting to try organic next time also. So far i have taken my root balls from last grow and put them in a 55gal container, added some worm castings, volcanic rock dust, a little chicken manure and 8 boxes of worms. It all seems a little complicated right now but im hoping to figure it out . I would like to follow along and would appreciate all suggestions also.