Advice on New LED Full Spec Lights


Ok brotha. I need yer knowledge. I am moving and buying new lights. 5×4 closet. Full spectrum LED is what I’m interested in. My budget is about $400. I would like to know if there is something in this budget that can be upgraded to multiple panels after my cabin is finished and will have a full 100 square foot space in about a year. Let’s hear it man. I been waiting for a change and now the move gives me a reason to buy new full spec led.

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20 square feet is a lot on $400 budget. Good light to flower 4x4 usually starts around double that. Let me look around some and see though.


I’ve got some room on the budget, but would love to try and keep it close to that even if I have to piece it together. I’m pretty decent at wiring stuff. Thanks for your help! I appreciate you!

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So you would be willing to build from scratch?

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Definitely if it saves.


You can definitely save some money building your own. Everything im looking at looks to be more in the $600-700 range though. I’m thinking maybe you could get a little closer going with some knock off boards off alibaba or something, but I’m not really up to speed with stuff available there.

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