Advice on natures living soil

Hey y’all! I’m about a month into my first grow and I’m using fo[quote=“Poepoe3, post:1, topic:72534, full:true”]
Hey y’all! I’m about a month into my first grow and I’m using fox farms ocean forest soil and the fox farm trio nutrients. I haven’t started using the nutrients yet maybe in another week. But I was looking for a more sure fire way to grow and take some of the headaches away for my next grow. I work a lot and don’t have a whole lot of time. I was wondering if anyone has used natures living soil and how much it yielded for you? And also if you still had to amend your soil or if it burned your plants or any experience thank you! Pics above are my 3 week old gorilla glue autos. A little small I know but this is my first grow and not sure if I’m doing anything right haha. Thank you!

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Hey there,

First thing I noticed is thst your plant is lacking light, you can see how far it’s stretching and the space between each branch is quite large (internode space). Ideally you should shoot for 1/2" internode space a bit more is okay but that’s a little excessive so your plants reaching for the sky.

Have you allowed it to get a breeze? Or is there a fan on it?
Plants need wind to make them strong, it builds plant muscles just like in humans a bit of stress is healthy to build strength.

Don’t feed your plant nutrients until you understand ppm and runoff tds.

My advice for soil is to get 2 if not 3 different types, the strength of the nutrients in the soil is important here because you want to learn to “layer it”.
However first it is key to add perlite so that 30% of the mixture is perlite, cannabis likes airey soil. Perlite also helps with preventing compaction as well as aids in drainage of excess water.
My trick was I would put a whine bottle in the center of my 5 gallon bucket and pack ocean forest up 3/4 of the way up, then I would layer it in happy frog in the center plug and the top 1/4. Starting the seedlying in a solo cups worth of seed starting soil would also be a good move. This allows the plant to grow rapidly in an environment it is suited for, once roots hit a rich zone they will grow much slower. So this give the plant the ability to rapidly grow through differnt stages to get bigger roots.
A beneficial bacteria product will go along way, my suggestion is fishshit from fish head farms, but voodoo juice or tribus works to just not as good. Now that won’t help you with this grow but I figured it’s some good knowledge going forward if you wish to continue with soil.
However soil is a terrible medium and I suggest autopots with coco, so you feed your nutrients in a reservoir once a week and leave it be. Okay well you need to top feed it for the first two weeks but after that it’s super super low maintance and hassle. Soil grows slower and smaller, once you get into the feeding stage it becomes alot more work as well so if you want to skip all that look into an autopot setup with coco.

Anyways back to what you can do right now… You need a sunnier spot thats key.
Also do you have a tds as as PH. Meter with PH up/down.
Do you have chlorine in your water?
How cool or warm is it in that tent?
And again the wind issue.

Remeber your playing God so you need to control or help control every aspect if you want it to survive and yeild well.


Hey thanks for the reply! Yeah I got some things to think about on the soil for next time. As for the wind I got 2 fans blowing right on the plants and they always stay on! And I did notice that too about the stretching, I have moved the plants over to a sunnier spot to get more sun and they since have moved into flower! During the day it is between 80 and 95 degrees in the greenhouse and between 70 and 90% humidity. I do ph my water but I use tap water so I let it sit 24 hours to let the chlorine out. then use ph up or down to get it to 6.5. I’m going to start adding nutrients very soon as well. I’m in fox farms ocean forest so I need to wait. Here are some
Updated pictures

@Nicky should I be looking for anything else or can you offer another other advice?

I don’t think you’ll get any bud off those plants they are to small… Although they anrt into flower just yet it seems so they could grow a bit more. But the stock is so skinny and the plant is so small it’s doubtful right now.
Need more light =p

Also don’t feed until you get tds run off numbers and know what the feed chart recommends, check the tds and ph of the mix before you feed it and feed until you get 20% run off.

Thank you man hopefully I’ll get it right next time!