Advice on my setup

I’m piecing my drain to waste together, can you see any problems with this thus far? I would like to keep my resivour in the basement so that the water temp stays stable and it’s close to my water source plus less mess up stairs in my closet. Is that something attainable as far pumping water up 8 feet and over to grow room 30 feet?

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I think it’s great

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With the right pump yes, ever seen a frack pump? Lol

But yes your going to have to pay significantly more for your pump though, best to talk to someone in the pumping business to be honest like a manufacturer that can then recommend a product.

They will want to know what elevation your at where you live.
The height your trying to pump, so measure it on the high side.
The distance you plan to pump
The diameter of your hose/tubing
And finally the fluid your pumping.

Now you could just go buy an expensive strong pump and it might do it but it’s a hard thing to just Geuss to be honest lots of math involved and I’m not the one to do this I just know because I have a farm and we are trying to get a solar lake pump… It’s a struggle.

Thanks @Nicky I’m figuring it will be a learning process that’s why I started out with just 4 plants but it would be so much more convenient to have the reservoir close to the water source plus the cooler temps in the basement would be ideal for keeping water temps down. I would grow in the basement but the electrical becomes an issue. For some reason I only have one breaker that runs the basement. It’s a learning process. Thanks again.

All good I hear you grow rooms are needy lol

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