Advice on my growing strategy?

The 600w are Higrow ( yes from Amazon), years old, so no return
The 1000w are Viparspectra (also from Amazon)

I used the 600w on a previous grow ( 1 White Widow, 1 AK47) and only yielded 1/2 oz between the 2.

I figured asking in a forum like this might help minimize my noob mistakes.

And how rude of me… welcome to the community.

There’s a ton of information on this forum. And you’ll find that many of us are more than willing to help.


That’s the problem with Amazon lights. Yield. If you would have had the light @TommyBahama mentioned, you could have had 5 or 6 ounces.

Plus those lights will heat up your closet pretty good. Do you have good ventilation?

I’m near the end of my first grow and I’m really happy with it. I attribute it’s success to this forum and all I’ve learned.


Screen Shot 2020-07-30 at Jul 30, 8.55.43 AM

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There’s a YouTube channel Migro

The guy is a light manufacturer but he objectively test many lights.

Check it out. You’ll learn a lot about lighting.

And as for your blurples, many of us were misled into buying one.

Blurple Buyer’s Support Group


OK, was able to cancel the 2 1000w. The description does say that it will replace a HPS/MH 400w light, actually draws 230 watts.

That info was a plus, thank you.

Ventilation is not good, but the attic has an access hatch at the top of the closet, I could probably mount an exhaust fan in it. As far as input, it would only be the space below the door, 1/2" x 26 inches. I suppose I could leave the door slightly open if needed.

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I checked out migro on YouTube, he actually reviewed the same Viparspectra lights I had originally ordered, and seemed to rate it fairly well/ I’m going to take a day to think before I order any more lights, and maybe even re-order the Viparspectra.

What’s your budget?

Viparspectra has been the gutter of grow lights for a while now. I’d wait on buying that. I have a really hard time recommending one. There’s other stuff out there. Mars Hydro TS series is ok.

@dbrn32 is the guru on lighting.

What do you think? Can you recommend the new viparspectra?

i grow in the same size closet, i use hlg 320W XL QB V2 R spec LED Kit and love it and it is all the light you will need, it can be had from hlg for 436.00 using coupon code DUDE. i have a inline exhaust fan that i ducted into the attic and a piece of round duct on the intake that hangs down nearer the plant canopy height, the crack under my drive maybe a little more then yours but not much, i have 2 small fans in it blowing air over the top of the plants and under the bottom

are your seeds auto or photo, i would look up @Hellraiser gorilla grow and other things on here and follow how he starts his seeds, that method has worked the best for me by far, and also read how he waters a plant, he is spot on about that, also alot of other good info in there

Hellraiser is the man. I’ve learned a lot from him.

Hellraiser grows Gorilla Glue and other stuff

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@Deal what’s your yield with that light?

i don’t know yet, going to be cutting in the next week or 2, growing 3 gsc autos, first grow and had problems along the way, one has big fat dense buds, one has not so fat dense and one is absolutely covered in buds but not big or dense( it is farther behind) if i can get it to fatten up with dense bud it looks like it will really produce

2 things i have learned on this grow is how to water my plants and that you can’t kill them lol

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Share a picture?


Trichs if plant 1


That HLG just paid for itself