Advice on my grow please

Please look at our set up and advise. We hung 2 600w leds over the plants and used the t5s for side lighting. Is enough light or too much?

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Should be perfectly fine you should look into a scrog net get a great nice Canopy they look great


We switched to 12/12, are these lil buds?


think we had some nute burn and ph issues but working on correcting it. Any other thoughts?


thanks, we will probably do that the next grow. This is our first so lots to learn

I’m on my first grow also. You look like you have a nice set up! I also have some discoloring on the tips but the plants look healthy! I think that is what Nute burn looks like.

Looks like pre-flower to me, but that’s my rookie opinion.

Nice setup for a first time grow though my friend - it looks like you’ve done some homework prior to getting started.

Again, my opinion only but yes those tips turning yellow/brown are usually indicating nute burn. Not sure what you are feeding or when you started - you may want to consider backing down to 3/4 strength (of whatever feeding chart you are using). If you are just starting your feeding and giving them 3/4, then back down to 1/2, etc etc.

I agree w/ @Hogmaster on the scrog technique. Max your yield per sq ft - and it’s really not that difficult to setup AND maintain.

I’ll follow along - most of all enjoy the experience of the grow - it makes harvest and consumption so much more gratifying.



i was feeding dyna grow but have just been watering and watching ph and tds to get them straight


Not familiar with dynagrow, but the concept is the same no matter what you choose for nutes. Let’s see what some of the seniors reply with.

You’re looking good but I don’t see any hairs yet. Give her time: she’s just shy lol.


You are doing fine and the plants appear to be healthy - I don’t think there are too many grows that run the full cycle without some type of issue that needs attention. No big deal and you’ve got a number of very knowledgeable growers here to help.

And to scroggin’…
This is a SuperSkunk runt that got crowded out of my 5’x7’ scrog screen. Made the screen out of 3/4” pvc parts and some garden twine.

Primary scrog room:

11 days into flower:

Go for it!!! :+1:


@hippy4life I think that will be great, you can rarely have too much light. The light can be too close or get to the point that it can’t use all of the light without extra CO2 but you are no where close to that. I think they are going to love that as soon as they get into flower!!


Agreed. Using LED as primary with T8 6500 fluorescent side lights myself. As long as the tubes don’t block the LEDs it works great. @hippy4life

Tagging @dbrn32 into the light conversation. He got me on track and has helped countless others with the same.

Do you guys think adding side lights is worth it? I mean it isn’t really a necessity is it? I don’t want to spend more money :joy::joy:

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Typo by me, T12…
And yes I do see a difference with the added side lights - my plants were also under those same fluorescent lights as seedlings (so they are multi-purpose fixtures just need to swap bulbs depending on the stage of your grow.

Necessity- no
Beneficial - yes (imho)


@RookieReefer thanks for that info. I’d love to get some more lights but I don’t want to risk the electrical bill rising more. I live in an efficiency (side of a house). I don’t want to draw attention to myself… I still need to get my inline fan installed too which is also more power ugh! Lol

It really isn’t necessary unless you have serious crowding issues. If you can rotate your plants periodically, that’s probably good.


Looks good to me!