Advice on my clones

I’m going to try to clone these girl’s. I haven’t had good luck with my efforts before. I just cut these today and would like to know how long should I leave grow lights on.

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For clones I believe they should have 24/7 light until healthy with high humidity… Also trimming back of each finger on the big fan leafs will make her root faster

i found putting large gallon bags on them kept the humidity up with addition to 24/7 light for a week or so. Also trimming back to dead leaves as they rooted. Also found more success if i split and scraped the stems before putting root stim on them.

Thank you sir. Chormie

You need to keep the soil wet, so soak the entire container and soil really well. Then let it dry out, and by then you should have roots. I found cloning in soil is extremely easy when done right.


I trimmed fan leaves and got the girls under lights. I’ll keep misting
leaves and see if they will take off. Ty Chormie

The soil needs to be wet, not just the leaves. Your new roots will be searching for water.


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The leaves can be damaged from droplets of water if under lights. The droplets can act like a magnify glass and burn the leaves.Misting should be done around the base of plant (trunk) and avoid getting the leaves wet.

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Okay thanks for the info. Chromie

Chromie @Rdg1951 just to back these guys up you need to get the soil wet including the jiffy pot then put a gallon size ziplock or some other humidity dome over them asap or they will die quickly!

Make sure you burp the bags/ domes to get fresh air in.

@DoomSack @ktreez420

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Chromie it looks like these clones were monster cropped. How far into flower was the mother when the cuttings were taken? When monster cropping you should wait until week 3 of flower to take your cuttings. Most monster cropped clones don’t make it, that’s why you should always take lots of cuttings when monster cropping so that you get at least 1 to root. You can help them succeed by trimming off the lower buds. Just don’t do anything with the bud on the apex (i.e. the top bud). For the ones that do take root, they will grow to be big bushy plants with lots of colas and huge yields… In other words, they will be monsters!

Also, you’ll want constant light until they root. Then either an 18/6 or 20/4 light schedule. This will force them back into veg state. When they first revert back to veg state, they will have single, non-serrated leaves. As try grow the leaves will begin to look more normal.

Here’s an article from Robert that should help.

Yes I did that right away and they are looking good so far. I also have
them on a warming pad but only for a little while cause I don’t want to
burn the young roots. Good to hear from you Bob. Theses are WW clones so
I’ll keep everyone posted on my progress. Chromie (RDG1951)

Ok, brother! @Rdg1951 good to hear from you too! Best wishes and keep us posted on how they do!

For one there’s to many leaves it’s working to hard to supply water to the dome you should only have maybe 2-3 trimmed leaves and they feed threw the leaves so spray them two or three times a day