Advice on micro-growing equipment

Hi, first post here, first grow - beginner.

So i am trying to figure out everything before i go and buy any equipment (which i haven’t figure out the safest way to do so yet). Because of my limited space, i am looking into micro-growing and in the most stealthy way possible. So i looked into grow cabinets and i found this product Bonanza G-leds
However i couldn’t find many reviews or ratings online. (i chose this since it is based in Eu as i am in Eu)
It is 61x61x176cm and it comes equipped with:

PK K2600 mini carbon filter
Winflex extractor 185m3/hour
G-Tools silencer
120 mm Airvent
G-Leds 280

I need something odorless and as silent as possible, so i can even run a ducting to my boiler room which already has weird smells. The room i will be placing it in, is fully insulated and sound proofed as it is a music studio.

Do i need to place it near a window? (it will be about 3m from a window)
Will this be sufficient to get decent yield? - How many plants could i fit in there at max?
Lastly, what is the safest way to buy and ship equipment and magic tomato seeds?
I really want to be as stealthy as possible with every move, so i could even travel to get what i need with zero possibilities of anyone knowing about it. (It is VERY illegal where i live.)

Thanks to all!

Hi, is there something wrong with my post?

If you can keep everyone else out of the space, a tent would be a better option than an expensive/conspicuous cabinet. If you can’t keep others out, I think you should look to convert an existing cabinet into a micro grow.

Smell: If you use a good carbon filter inside the grow chamber, and add an ionizing recirculating air filter in the room, you should be fine with smells. Keep in mind, no solution is permanent, and as your filter becomes less effective, you’ll probably become nose-blind to the reek. Change filters on a schedule.

Light: you have plenty of options, but I’d separate the light from the cabinet. Check out HLG quantum boards and Mars Hydro TSL 1000 lights. They’re likely more efficient (light generated per watts consumed) than that light packaged with the cabinet.

Cabinet: You should be able to buy a bureau or armoire that would work. You can probably find one used or from IKEA that’s a fraction of the price of that chamber. From there, you’d need to seal off the inside. This could be as simple as caulking, plastic sheeting, and adhesive. Or you could get more elaborate if you have the skills and tools.

Tent: these are cheap. And although they aren’t super discreet, they aren’t obviously cannabis chambers to the untrained eye. A short tent, or a tall tent turned on the side, can fit under a table. This would be my recommendation.

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You can’t link to commercial sites other than rightbud or amazon. Don’t worry about it. The mods will fix it eventually and remind you of the rule.

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No. Most of the growers here (self included) don’t have any experience with grow boxes and probably don’t know how to respond. It seems like an awful expensive (and very constraining) solution to things that can be managed with a tent and charcoal filtration system that we all use.

Hi guys, thanks for the replies. Apologies about the links, i didn’t know the rule, it looks like i can’t edit my post to remove them anymore.
I also thought its way too expensive for a cabinet packed with a mini ventilation system and i do have the tools and the skills to build my own grow box, i just wanted to get some opinions on the cabinets as i thought it must be doing something good to be that expensive. But i do i know tents are more manageable and cheaper, thanks for confirming.

Can you have a small tent?
Or does it need to look like a TV cabinet/dresser? The grow boxes out of my price range.

Thanks for the detailed reply!
Its pretty much a private room as people cannot enter if i don’t open up for them, and if i dont i always can justify that with “i was recording” or " i had headphones on" its a music studio after all. so i can indeed keep everyone out. With that being said i should be able to set up a much cheaper and more efficient kit. But i am sure there will be emergencies. Im looking into getting a 2nd fan directly attached on a 2nd carbon filter outside the tent or whatever, both for emergencies and when drying. Whats your opinion on this against ionising filters? the room is 4mx3m with a standard 3m ceiling.
About lights, thanks for the suggestions, i had Mars Hydro in mind since the beginning of my research. - What do you think about COB? Or should i stick with the normal LED?
My idea after a bit of thinking is to get a tent, and build a fake cabinet around it so it looks like a storage cab. I could even dress it with acoustic foam so i can say its there to block sounds. (Not many people know about sound and acoustics so i should be able to get by with it). Would this affect anything inside the tent?
Thanks again!

Hello, It looks like i can get a tent yeah, and it also looks like those cabinets are way too expensive for just being stealth. Like another user said, i could always set up the kit with an Ikea storage cab or wardrobe and with some extra DIY work would work just like a cab, just 10 times cheaper. I was looking at cabs as i thought there has to be something extra they offer but its all about stealth, and you can pretty much do that yourself. It looks like im going to go with a tent and modify the space im putting it in to make it look like a storage cab if it doesn’t affect its performance.

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I agree! i just wanted to see what more experienced growers think about them, i was suspicious why no one using them but thanks for confirming.

IMHO, choosing between COB and QB-style LEDs is desired plant structure. COB lights seem to have more penetration, which means they do well with Christmas tree-shaped plants. QB-style lights do really well with a level canopy, which requires more training.

Personally, I prefer a dead-level canopy.

Your tent won’t make conspicuous noises. It’ll have fan noises. Use a bigger filter/fan at lower flow rates to minimize the fan noise. Instead of a 4” fan at 200cfm, run an 8” fan and a 10” filter with 800 cfm capacity stepped down to 200 cfm.

You can explain the tent as a popup photo booth. Say you sell instruments on eBay or something. Or say it’s a popup sound booth (which makes no sense, but who cares.) or you can say it’s a darkroom for silk-screening.

@KeystoneCops I have no problem with light penetration. But I am the oddball with how I grow with excellent results. You can grow a X-mas style plant with ease. Well if you are confident and don’t second, third and fourth guess yourself when things start to show say with any deficiencies.

Those HLG lights rock. Granted my trim job is not good but I do smoke the sugar leaves…gotta grab the trichomes from it.

Figure out what size tent you can get away with and get a AC Infinity fan with an appropriate size carbon filter.
People live right above this.

Trying to keep the smell contained when I harvest is a problem for me.

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I removed links, thanks for understanding.

You need to nail down your grow space first. Everything else will need to be sized according to that, and more importantly fit. When building out a micro grow your only limitations are imagination, ability, and budget. A quick web search could provide you with probably 20 examples of grows small enough to fit into a computer case. You’re not going to pull a lot of weed that way, but people have been doing it for years.

There’s lots of crafty people here that can help you out. But again, you really need to get your space settled and move forward from there.


lol my kids think mine is a cheap clothes closet like they sell on Amazon