Advice on lights, growing wide

A question from a fellow grower:

I haven’t started yet I’m still doing research as I’ve never grown anything. I’m aiming for an indoor grow in a self made box about 16 cubic feet. I’m planning on either a 250 or 400 watt metal halide for veg stage then when I want it to close change to HPS bulb also I’m going to get 6 full spectrum LEDs for the whole grow with a 4inch extractor fan with a filter, a clip on fan for inside the box and 4 PC fans powered by USB for my intake in each corner of the box I’m only doing 3 maybe 4 plants. Hid lights will be on 18hrs in veg stage but LEDs will be on 24hrs how close can the LEDs get to the plants by the way? The hid light will be 16-18cm away from plants. I need to research techniques to grow them wide not tall I’m going to use canna Coco for the potting mix and all the nutrients. Any advice would be great. In the last year I’ve been diagnosed with spinal arthritis and muscular atrophy so I can’t work and off my face on opiate pain killers the only thing that works is a good smoke but hate paying the high prices and having to associate with shady characters selling crap

Having a plan and following through is the way to start , just be patient , read the grow bible , download it and start the process slowly .

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