Advice on lighting for 3 x 3 space

Currently have a ViparSpectra KS3000 300W in my 3 x 3 space. I’ve been reading more and more about HLG lights. I love the look of the HLG 650R but want second opinions - is it complete overkill for the space ? Just want to maximise my space and yields. Appreciate your thoughts

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I personally have in my 3x3 thr hlg blackbird


What about the 350r


I run 2 /300-L’s in 3x3 basically same as 650 just 2 fixtures with a net it always pulls good # :v:

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May need to dim it a bit but it’s a great light for when you decide to expand your space. Just watch what the plants are telling you.


I run two HLG 260 Rspec’s in my 3’x 3’ tent bolted together with a piece of alum plate and UVA. The 2’ x 4’ tent has two 350R’s in it bolted together with a alum plate and UVA. Need to move the dual 350R’s to the 3’ x 3’ tent and put the 260 Rspec’s configured end to end in the 2’ x 4’ tent. Enjoy being able to turn the dimmers down and run them close to the plants and keep my PPFD, DLI and VPD right on the mark come summer time with great light and even spread. And come winter I can raise them high in the 7’ 11" Gorilla tents and have the power to keep all my perimeters spot on and heat the tent. I like my office at 70f year round. Power and Control, it’s a wonderful thing. :slight_smile:

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Seems like a nice light, I think it’ll surprise you. I’d try it out see the results first before spending more money.

I also have a 3x3. It is the only size tent I can fit the space I have available. However, it is not necessarily that easy to find lights to adequately fill the shape. Many run two fixtures to achieve good coverage. That is what I do too. With that, sometimes there is some overkill. 600+ watts is a lot of juice to pump into a 9 square foot space.
Previously someone else asked about the KS3000 so I looked it up. My impression then and know is I like the components. It is hard to beat (if at all) Samsung 301h diodes. Because it is a large bar fixture it has really good PPFD spread.
Have you done a couple of complete grows using the KS3000? What is your assessment?
My only criticism of the light is I wish it put out 450 watts ± while keeping the even spread. That is only me. I have yet to find one.

I’ve got no complaints with my 350r in a 2x4.

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Being overpowered allows you to reduce the output and put less strain on your light. Plus, like @BobbyDigital said, the option to exchange without investment in the future is never a bad thing.

Did u keep ur viparspectra ks 3000
If so how was ur yields? Results from performance

Yeah it’s a good light - still got it and run it in a second tent. In my primary tent I’m running 2 x 350s and a UV bar.

Kool !
Im going to get the ks3000 ASAP
Im only growing 2 plants though so its good enough
Just wanted to hear from someone who uses it