Advice on hydro setup

A question from a fellow grower:

I’m also trying to set up a growing cupboard or container of some sort and was hopeful you could direct me towards a recommended guide as there are so many options and so many different, often conflicting opinions on how to go about the cultivation process. I was also hoping you could direct me towards a list of components necessary for a hidden indoor grow for a couple of plants (the strains I have ordered) and roughly how much space each plant will need, using a scrog in a hydroponic either ebb & flow or a drip setup under 600w HPS or MH lights. Which do you recommend? High pressure sodium, metal halide retro or something else entirely?

I’ve been having a bit of trouble finding a reasonably priced Australian hydroponic supplier. I think i might have found two, potentially, however I don’t know what components I need to set up a timed watering cycle or even whether to get a used cupboard and coat the walls, floor and roof of it with a waterproof and then reflective materials or if I should get a grow tent of some sort. A cupboard or something that can go inside one is more suited to my environment or some other item that would look at home in an apartment but again I can only find conflicting opinions online so I have come to you for help again asking you “what do I need your a hidden grow indoors?”

A digital MH/HPS switchable Ballast is the best way to go. This is what I use. Read the description. It is everything you need to do a complete grow. You can select different hoods and it comes in smaller wattage versions (250, 400 watt if you plan on staying real small. I would go for the 600 because, it is switchable to 500 watts, and 450 watts. Perfect for a small grow from start to finish.