Advice on heavy trimming timing

My outdoor ladies are well over 7,8 feet tall. it’s legal in my state, but I don’t really want to test the limits by letting these go into full flower at this height. (I’m in the city, so smell, neighbors, etc is a concern).

I have a variety of strains. Some are well into pre-flower, some are simply showing maturity with definite signs of pre-flower. I’m about 90 days out from harvest based on my area, lat/long & experience. But I need to give a couple of these plants a serious haircut… like I even thought about breaking out the hedge-trimmers. there just to big.

If it helps, each is in a wire cage, 4’ tall by 3’ wide. they have filled these & more width wise so there will plenty of plant left even if I cut the main stem off at 5 ft (a crying shame really, but got to do something). Each plant has been ‘lollipop’d’ as it grew, & the largest have been topped at least once already.

Looking for experienced growers comments on a severe ‘topping’ /trimming & the late timing.

I have a trainwreck that was stretching into the stratosphere and decided to super crop it at like 3 ft. Experimental for me but I thought it better then losing the top growth. Its laying on its side but all the tops were up and going again by the next day.

Pictures or it didn’t happen.

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1 week ago. One of the larger ones you can’t see in this photo. That’s an 8’ 2x4.


That looks amazing.

@OlyBoy98503 , look at these!

@johnthomas, I can’t help much, besides what I have read about outdoor growers.

I saw a post of a grower, same thing, he supercropped them… to about 4 or 5 feet.

@Myfriendis410 has experience too, am certain he will come back

I’m no newbie. Done this a bit. Last year I cut down two 9’ bag-seed plants just because they were too big. These are all good genetics. GG4 is the big one to the right of the 2x4 & the biggest problem. The other two you see have now definitely entered early flower stage so probably beyond much more ‘topping’. Will continue to thin out under the canopy & limit the lower branches though.

The other ‘problem child’ you can’t really see here is bigger than the GG4. I’ve already tried LST by tying ‘over’ the main stem, but I think that’s just making it get bigger.

@Willd you grow monsters. So do you @Big123.

Welcome to the forum. People in here know lots and will help you out tremendously. Stating that I live in the city too and my plant were over the limit. I can only use a seven foot fence and they topped that already and like you I still have a couple months to go. I am in Michigan a legal state so I am good that way but like you again I am I. The Cory and don’t want to cause any commotion. I Asked about this this week and was given the suggestion of super cropping. I did it and dropped the height significantly. I will probably have to super crop again before it is all said and done. So look at a couple videos and learn how to super crop. I suggest taking the smaller ends of the plants first. Put them in between your two fingers and your thumb. Go about an inch or so up or down from initial spot and do again then Massage and bend to where you want it to lay. Believe me I was very hesitant at first but after I did a couple it was a lot easier. I did break three branches but they may have been saved. Don’t go too far down branch the woody part is a bit harder to bend you have to massage real good. Then I gave them a good drink. Day after I had new growth already. I attached a couple pics for you to get an idea with. I also have them in large tomato cages.

Again, Welcome to the forum. You will enjoy all the help and benefit too! Good luck

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thanks for reply. Nice setup.

I think I am beyond super cropping, I really need to just reduce size all around.

I’m thinking there has to be a time, balanced between vegetation & flowering, where the plant has made & stored most all of the nutrients it’s going to. A severe cutting at this time to a 8’ plant, down to where it had only a dozen or two flowering sites should result in optimum harvest, quality if not quantity.

“tho’ an old man, I am but a young gardener”
-Thomas Jefferson

& I am (old)

Good luck. I would seriously consider super cropping though. It does take some time but it does the job too!

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Yeah you got yourself a problem on your hands :joy: you rough her up and she get even bigger. Just let it go man. If it’s legal just let the neighbors hate you don’t do nothing rash here. Step away from that plant and let her go. Taming that beast now is going to be a more of a task. A can of worm basically.

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Ya know, I agree…let her go. I am going to try to stay within the law but can’t control them for long. Oh well.

I have to keep my plants down below 5 feet tall in certain areas that they are planted, just to keep them below the cover foliage enough to keep them from being seen from the road. This plant was 7ft tall two days ago, yesterday I topped it and today I cropped it. If I stunt it or damage it I really don’t care whatever I get off at I will be happy with but I have a feeling all I’m doing is making it more aggressive and it’s going to grow more out of control. As long as I can keep them short it works for me

They don’t say how big just how many🤪

I believe the law in my state states. They cannot be seen by the public and my Cory has a seven foot fence code Crap so I am trying my best


You have a height limit? That is interesting. Make friends with the neighbors asap :joy:

You’re really stuck my friend. Either chop big time or get a screen to hide them like a sun screen netting that doesn’t block the sun but give you cover. Rock in a hard place.

Same here Gerant. Cannot be seen from ‘any street adjacent to the property’. That’s why I’m concerned about overall height & size as well.

Well I super cropped again and brought them back to at least under the fence. Not for long I am afraid. Oh well I will keep trying