Advice on harvest timing

I am finishing up my 7th week this week and plan on going a full 10 weeks. My strain is gorilla glue which is an average of 8-10 weeks flower stage.

I am going away on august 11th for two weeks and do jot know if I can get anyone to help take care of my plants.

Any suggestions on harvesting time frame and plan for when I am away? Ideally i plan to start my harvest July 16thish

Here are my latest pics

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Seems to me you’re in a great spot. Those look awesome and even if you need an extra 7-10 days, which you might, you will still have time to dry and then pack them up in Grove Bags before you go. I’m cutting my GG at 73-74 days of flower (80 of 12/12) this weekend.

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This is my go to on that
Without trichome images impossible to tell


Yup, what @Docnraq said, you’ll need to check back with the trichome pics once you get there. That will help get more precise. If the strain says 8-10 weeks in flower, checking with the microscope or jewelers loupe starting around 8 makes sense.

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