Advice on harvest dry and cure

Was recently reading some of hellraisers journals on how he harvested and cured but now I can’t find them any suggestions on harvest and cure or wear that topic might be


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I just so happened to copy and paste his words of interest into a file for future use. Which, the future is now for me, curing my first harvest.

Here are @Hellraiser 's words on the subject.

I chop em and then wet trim them, then tie the branches upside down to clothes hangers and hang them in a room with a humidifier to keep Rh around 50, When the thinner stems get snappy (about 4-5 days for me), cut the buds off the stems and place in a airtight container, I used huge tupperware bowls for this last harvest and worked out great. Place a hygrometer in the container. Close it up for 24 hours and check the RH. We want to slow dry the buds at this point over the course of a week or more. If the RH is over 80, too wet, leave it open for like 12 hours, then close up again for 24. If over 70 RH, leave open for an hour or so, then close up for 24, recheck. Once it is under 70RH, open container for 15-20 minutes a day to let off a bit of moisture, close up, repeat daily. Target RH for me is 62. Once you hit that, time to put the buds in mason jars and burp them every day for a few minutes for gas exchange for a week or 2, then you can leave them sealed up til needed.


I think hes one of us that switched from jars to grove bags they’re really nice and cheap too no burping necessary just need to stabilize humidity


I hang a sweater dryer over the shower curtain rod in an unused bathroom. The overhead fan is good for circulating air, but I still also use a 6" fan to keep air moving around. I use a humidifier (or dehumidifier dependingf on the season) to maintain humidity in the high 60% range. Temps are maintained high 60s to low 70s. Usually takes about 7 to 10 days to dry, then I do the same hellraiser does for the cure.


Thanks for the advice really appreciate it

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Google the “Grove Bag” read their techniques which include using a moisture meter to tell when the buds have the correct rh. Their way just gave me the best dry and cure I’ve had to date.


I use my grow tent as a drying chamber. I can control the humidity and temp. I hang my crop with clothes pins from top of tent. happy growing :rofl: :bat:


I’ve changed a few things since I wrote that.

I use a tent for drying now and set my AC Infinity T6 to keep the humidity just under 60RH for a little slower dry, this gets my buds dry enough to dry trim in about 6 or 7 days.

Then I dry trim (and use Trim Bins) and put the buds into cvaults (other large containers like tupperware would be fine) with a hygrometer and take a quick peek at the RH after 12 hours or so to make sure they aren’t too wet, if over 80RH, leave open for a day to let them dry further, over 70RH then leave open for half a day or so, ideally want them to be about 66-68RH to start the slow dry. Then just open the containers daily, start with more time (15 minutes) to let some moisture out, then as the buds get closer to 62RH, just open for a minute for 2 for some quick gas exchange (gases build up during the curing process as microbes do their thing). After stable at 58-62RH (your choice, whatever your preference), then can put into mason jars or grove bags for storage.

I take 3 weeks to dry my buds - about a week of hang time, then 2 weeks in cvaults slowly bringing the RH down to 58-62RH, then into jars or grove bags.


Was just now posting a thread like this one seeking the same advice. Glad I found this!

How long do you cure them in the Grove Bags after your dry time?


Yes I plan on using a moisture meter as well with my next harvest (coming up soon - chopping this weekend) and will detail the process in my Banana Kush grow journal.


I’ll be testing out mason jars vs grove bags with the upcoming harvest, some will go in jars and some in the bags. I plan on leaving them in the bags til I want to smoke the buds, as permanent storage.


Being still a novice it (moisture meter) really helped me get the dry right at least got it in the bags right at 58/62%Rh. Curing for just over 2 months at this point would say they were finished after a month or so. Got it right without any second guessing. Kinda like what the microscope did for me getting the chop done at the best time for me. Right tool for the right job!


When using the Grove bags do you need to burp the bags the same as mason jars or do you just get to relative moisture and put it in the bag and good to go for care checking occasionally

I will be very interested in the comparison

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No burping in the bags, just stuff,

seal um and forget um. I tossed the bags in a box, put the box in the closet.


Nice thanks I might have to give them a try

Am I lookin in the wrong place? 375 for a QP bag seem ridiculous :sweat_smile:

Ck the quantity, may be for a shit load of them. You can buy ala cart also. I paid 25.00 for 25 of the 1 oz. Bags.

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Could you be kind enough to link?