Advice on grow for Banana Kush

Question from a fellow grower: Just wanted to know on how I should grow the Banana Kush ? Haven’t ordered yet but going to in about a month. This will be my first harvest in a 2x2x4 with a 1000w Bestva LED grow light. I’ll be using a 4inch duct inline fan. I also was thinking about using Fox Farm Ocean forest With Fox Farm Big Bloom, Tiger blood and Grow Big with 3 gallon wool fabric pots. Let me know what you think.

thats almost the same setup i have. i just recently decided to upgrade my blurple light to hlg 135 v2 which should be just right for our 2x2x4 tent. i only plan to have one mature plant at any given time, so im happy with the tent size. also smaller grows allow for more affordable components as compared to larger lights like hlg 135 vs hlg 260 or 550. also if you want to save some money you can work a diy light. ask @dbrn32 hes the light guy

how to grow banana kush? i would germinate, drop it in the soil, put a light on it 18/6, dont over water, and dont feed until seed leaves fall off. that should get you started. i ask general grow advice from @raustin shes got it all worked our for soil grow.


I grow in a 2x2x5 tent one plant at a time, with a 135 watt QB. If you haven’t bought your light yet I would recommend looking at a QB instead. Also, the 4’ high rent will be limiting, you’ll need to SCROG in such a short tent otherwise the plant will grow into the lights.

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unless you grow like me. j/k i totally stresed out my auto

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short tent means you will have to LST early and often too keep out of lights.

tent is too short. need a tent at least 6’ tall.

suggest you go with 5 gallon minimum.


this advice for photoperiod or auto

3 gallon will get you by for autos. better if 5 gallon. more roots = more fruit

suggest you keep in mind that most plants will double in height the first two weeks of flower.
I learned most plants will end up in the lights IF allowed to veg too long.
take away the height taken by the light and hanging gear, the grow pot, AND…leave distance between the light and plant.