Advice on flowering, harvest, trim

From a fellow grower:

I wondered if you can provide some advise on flowering light times.
I’m growing four plants in a grow box 1.70x 90x90 cm
400w dual spectrum HPS.

Nutes: this is the link to my Nute schedule. I’m using the listed nutes.

Temp: 20c dark-26c day
Humidity: 30-40 depending on external climate
I’ve stopped using the humidifier during flowering

4 Strains:
Shining Silver Haze
Northern Light
White Widow
Pineapple Kush

I vegged for 2 months. The plants are at the end of third week flowering and doing superb. In fact I’m worried they’re growing too well. They’re very healthy. No signs of yellowing, disease or pests
The light schedule is 13 off and 11 on. About 40cm above the plants. There’s still room to raise the light hood, but I’m concerned that with another 4-6 weeks to go I will run out of height. Current height is 80cm including the pots.
I reduced light time as I was worried about the height.
I did top them in veg. However they have exponentially increased growth during flowering.
I read this article on another site about decreasing light times during flowering
As three of them are highbreds and the NL a pure indica…

  1. Will this light schedule impact heavily on bud size?
    Is it the right light schedule ?
    Should I scrog or bend the upper heads? Or is it too late to scrog?

  2. Also should I harvest in stages? I.e. Cut the tops first when they’re ready and then leave the lower buds to grow/ripen. They’ve fillled out the box square area completely. Light is reduced for the lower part of the plants.

  3. Should I trim some of the lowest fan leaves to concentrate growth on the buds higher up.

This is the first time I’m growing indoors. I grew twice before for two seasons outdoors.

These are photos of the current state

If you are 3 weeks into flower I wouldn’t expect too much more stretch the bulk of stretch happens during first 2 weeks and slows considerably by 3-4 weeks odds are your plants will gain another 10-20% more height if that. They are looking healthy the lower light schedule will reduce some of their potential yield but it’s likely a bit late to change without adverse effect, your stretch is almost over so I suspect most limbs are rather rigid making scrog no longer an option and bending would be at own risk as they may be fairly brittle.

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Thanks for the quick reply Donald
I based the time on the DJ Short article who runs 13-11 during flowering. What about trimming the bottom leaves?

Leaves produce energy which leads to bud growth the plant will re-absorb nutrients stored in them if they start to get crowded out she in essence will self prune :slight_smile:

Those are beautiful good job.

The proof of the pudding is in the eating. I’m curious see how much is harvested from each plant. I’m on tender hooks.

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I’m on the last w week or 2 before harvesting my first grow. I know it’s exciting. Pudding hahaha that’s great.

Learned this lesson not 30 minutes ago, 2 days out from official 2 weeks stretch
and broke a branch trying to pull it under the net. Lesson Learned stop Adjusting
SCRog after first week of stretch

Sorry would’ve warned you had I known branch may recover this early in flower we’ve seen it happen :wink:

:grin: Thanks but I think its just one of those things you learn through OJT :wink:

Its all good just became another clone so no harm done but certainly a lesson learned

They really could used more light underneath the canopy which will increase your yield by at 25% more ?

Thanks Yoshi
Yeh I thought about that. But which kind of lights, watts and quantity?
Can you suggest?

Cfls or t5’s would do the trick but they are looking very nice

Yes a T-5 would be great , or CFL grow lights , or a cheap led panel , whatever you can afford and put under there . But any added light underneath will double your yield .

Just purchased a E40 CFL 125w warm CFL bulb. When I opened the box, I saw how large the screw fitting is. It’s much larger then the standard size. Will need a socket the right size. The bulb looks huge. There’s no point to get another hood, as it’s going under the canopy. I wonder if I over did it. I suppose it’s plenty of light as a secondary backup. Wonder how it will compete with the overhead 400w HPS
Anyone have any thoughts on that?