Advice on defoliating 4-5 week flowe

Hi All,

On my other thread from a while back I posted a recent photo of my plants, @Nicky suggested that I need to defoliate some of it. I’ve done bits throughout but nothing major and as it’s my first go I didn’t want to ruin it by getting it wrong :slight_smile:

Rather than post on the other thread I tight it might be best to post it here.

These are only two plants, one lemon venom and the other purple punch. Both are around 4 weeks or so into flower I think. Being in the UK the weather isn’t great so I’m hoping for a dry couple of weeks until they are ready.

Attached are some photos from the base where I have taken a lot of the leaves up to a point and then from the side and top.

What do you suggest for where to start please guys and gals?


@MidwestGuy he’s in flower though not in veg

Thanks. I deleted the comment.

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I’ll post my advice again here


Just defoliate one plant if your new to this. That’s always been my strategy I take a few plants they are my education program on how to grow the success and failure will carry me into the next grow. I don’t know much about outdoor but from what I’ve read pruneing and defoliation outdoor seems to be debatable. Just trim the bitch and send pics to a good grower on here and see what they say it would be hard to give great advice on pruneing/defoil without being there. I’m sure you’ll do fine

Thanks for the reply, I’ve spent the weekend tidying them up, it’s only two plants but took a while. Took around 50g of smaller buds and it does look a lot more open now.
@Nicky does that look ok?

I also found a couple of spots of powdery mildew and removed those that were affected!

I was hoping for a dry couple of weeks but looking at the forecast below it looks like a damp 10 days in the run up to when it would be harvest time.

I don’t want to cut them down too soon but now it’s looking like rot could be a real issue. If they stay wet I guess they may be ok as the mold would kick in when it’s damp… I’m not sure covering it will work as that would also keep what light there is off as well.

What do you guys think?


I was excited to see an after pic🙃

Much better, could still remove a little more of those popcorn nugs in my opinion.

Go to the hardware store and get a clear piece of poly and some pvc make a little shelter.
Much cheaper then loosing all your bud.
Although you seem like the type of person who might have some wood around or something but yeah I would cover it with poly, give it some height though so there is a ceiling between the top cola and the roof.

Some then also put a box fan in that shelter to keep airflow moving. Trimming will have definitely helped.

This is why many build hoop huts out of pvc and poly for their outdoor stuff, stays off all summer and then end of the season they leave the ends open or the sides up a bit, turn on a fan and keep it going.
To keep it dry yet still etting light
@StonedCold13 click the link

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Thank you @Nicky

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Thanks Nicky, I’ve ordered a clear tarp from Amazon that arrives tomorrow.

I’ve only cleared one plant of the little buds as ran out of time. I’m not sure I can get a fan in there as I don’t have power to it but if I can just cover the top at least that might help a bit and still let the wind blow though.

Great advice as usual.

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Best of luck, show us when your all set up.

Wasn’t sure if you could run a 100ft extension cord out to it or something

In need of emotional support!..everything I’ve read on defoliation says indoor grows that are hydroponic can be aggressively defoliated. Someond hug me and tell me I didn’t overdo it because I was high!:sunglasses: I’m at 4 weeks flower tomorrow

This is before and after