Advice on current situation

From a fellow grower:

ny advice you have on my current situation would be most helpful. I ordered seeds from you because a friend had received some and the results were outstanding. I have just finished setting up my “office” and my buddy had to move, leaving me in possession of 2-36 inch tall Gold Leafs, 6-26 inch tall Amnesia Haze plants and 4-18 inch plants which are either AK-47,Amnesia or Jack.He grows hydro and I do soil, and they are all in 6 inch Hugo blocks.I have a 4x8 tent with 2 Kind KL 600s for flowering.My plan is to Scrog the 2 Gold Leafs in 5 gallon smart pots in 1/2 the tent and surround them with the 4 shorties in 3 gal smart pots on the perimeter, and run the other side with the 6 Amnesia in 5 gal smart pots. I run an Advanced Nutrient line with various supplements from Home and Garden and am also experimenting with the Heavy 16 line. Soil is either Fox Farm Happy Frog,Ocean Forest or Vital Earth’s Manna Mix. I ph at 6.0 and add a touch of CO2,Temps are kept between 70-75, depending on desert heat.

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Well, I would not try to SCROG 36" tall plants. Once that big, and you want to achieve more light coverage; Use a side light for the under canopy.

PH should be at least 6.5 for soil.

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Agree now just do LST - agree with “lakewood” We learn some thing new each grow- it’s good we can ask other’s opinion


Thanks for the advice. Much appreciated