Advice on Cannabis destination travel - Updated

I am turning 60 at the beginning of August and am lucky enough to have retired early. My whole working life was about keeping things secret, and I still live in a state that is not legal. I wanna go visit somewhere where I don’t have to hide. Looking for this network to point me in the right direction. Hoping you know of a special place or a cool thing to experience.

Specifically, I was looking at some of the legal states in the western US, but Cananda, central America and the islands are all a possibility. 5-6-7 days.

I want to stay at a place that is cannabis friendly…able to burn one on the deck or porch. I want to be able to go to a consumption bar…even a cannabis resort if they exist.
Go wandering in a park looking for birds.

I am also interested in Cannabis experiences…visit a farm, weed tasting, cannabis expo…even a Dr. Bugsbee lecture. Anything like that going on during the first two weeks in August?

Look forward to learning about what is out there. International folks…feel free to chime in…always looking for new places to spend my yearly 2/3 week vacation too.


I live in Roatan, Honduras a beautiful island off the mainland… It is not legal here… buuuutttt most islanders smoke and grow… The police are corrupt here so a $20 bill will get you out of trouble lol! I love it here and have not had any problems smoking it outside on my porch or dock. When I am at the beach I smell it all the time… The good news is there is only about 20 police officers on the whole island, so getting caught is pretty hard. And the green is pretty cheap… not the best quality mainly I think because they are don’t know much about growing it… I think they don’t know male from female so its seedy, but $25 bucks for an O and I don’t mind. I also take the seeds and experiment with my own grow! Come see the island it’s amazing! Oh I also get mine delivered to me by boat to my dock!


Thanks! Honduras has been on my list. I am a birdwatcher and you guys have some cool birds down there. Sounds like a laid back place…my kind of place. That is going on the possibility list.

We do have some awesome birds! I watch humming birds all day out my window when doing dishes… oh and the woodpeckers! Driving on the island you feel like you are in Jurassic Park.

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Oh and I have traveled to Colorado and Chicago to enjoy the legal side. Colorado is amazing, they used to have smoking lounges but I think they might have closed those… The dispensaries are very clean and my favorite is Native roots!

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I have never been to Colorado…it is where I was initially thinking…my light and nutrient manufacturers are based there and I was going to drop in on them.

For Roatan - is it a ferry ride to get to the island? Where would you advise me to stay?

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Sounds like a fun trip. I would’nt know where to go either.


You can come hang out in my backyard and birdwatch. Ive got 4 strains you can try :rofl::rofl:


You can fly directly to the island… The runway is short and right on the ocean so a pretty flight in. You can fly to the mainland and then take the ferry over, they also have puddle jumpers that fly daily to the island too. I live on the east side of the island and it is awesome and less touristy but need to rent a car on this side of the island. The west is more crowded but easier to commute on foot.

I take trips up to CO just to get the good stuff! LOL I like dab and is easy to bring back.

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That sounds like fun…may have a line at your door.


Ask some of the Cali growers on their opinion of California’s cannacon scheduled i think on my mom bday, aug 4th.

Never been, but the NE crew had a blast from their reports.

In the Long Beach area this year.

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Thanks…I will look into that…sounds like fun

August 15-17 there is cannabis convention in Las Vegas with many speakers including Bruce Bugbee. Nevada is a recreational state.

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San Diego. Best weather in the world. Buds laying around on every corner.

Of course you also got balboa park, the bay. The beach. Nice lake up in the mountains.

Burn almost anywhere you want. I walk the line. I smoke about a every hour regardless of where I am😎

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Thanks, will add it to the list

That really sounds interesting…I’m checking that out tonight. Thanks!

I’m assuming you’re referring to New England/Northeast when you say NE.

New England is amazing, lots to do.

Eastern MA is a great option, you have Salem, Boston and lots of historical stuff. Western MA you have very rural areas that are quiet. A trip to Salem, MA for my wife’s birthday ( late October) got me back into smoking after 10+ years and turned her into a more regular smoker as she never smoked unless it was once and awhile at a party. We went up for “Halloween week” (this is where all of the witch trials were held back in the day) and there was a dispensary right next to our hotel in Salem, I don’t drink anymore so bars were out of the option and we needed to fill some down time and took the plunge…that was an interesting weekend hahahah

CT it is legal to smoke anywhere cigarettes are legal but no “cannabis bars” yet. It’s been legal for 2 years and dispensaries are still just getting going. Great state with alot to do though. Stay at the shoreline or northeast/northwest. Stay away from New Haven, Hartford and Bridgeport, not worth visiting for the most part.

VT, another beautiful state with legalization. Not sure on their laws. But lots to do.

NH and ME are not legal states yet but are surrounded by them with great scenic views.

There’s NY too, not too familiar with the laws but lake George is beautiful. Stay out of the city hahah.

The best part is, you can hit all of these states in a week with minimal travel if planned properly.

If you have any questions about New England specifically let me know and I’ll answer what I can.

I’m more of a country boy vs city type although I did the city life when I was younger…I tend to vacation in the mountains vs beaches or urban life. I like it when there’s more trees than people lol.

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@DieselGRWR Thanks for the thoughtful reply. I have only been up “there” a couple of times…mostly Bostom/Nashua and it was visiting an ex’s family, so I did not get out much. Lots of Birds…especially during migration. Your tip is on the list of possibilities…will hit you up if I decide to head up there. I like all the “history” the area has.

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No problem. Let me know if you decide on NE. I can give you hotels locations, restaurants, etc and get into more detail if you’d like.

Hell, I could plan a trip that would have you hitting the white mountains in NH, Salem MA and the beaches in CT and RI…I just realized I forgot RI…with a couple of days in each spot and minimal daily travel.

Another great state for water and beaches with great stops for food and whatnot where partaking is also legal.

If you’re near the great lakes chances are it’s about a 12-14 hour drive to NE. Just had a guy I know go out to MI a couple weeks ago. I’m not a huge fan of flying…too many bad experiences, I like the actual flying but being stuck on a plain for 9hours without nicotine sucks lol

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Love Roatan! Been there quite a few times. The snorkeling is amazing.

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