Advice on a autoflower tent grow

I’m going to start my second grow first time auto grow.Im working with a 20"x36" AC INFINITY 4 INCH.With 2 spiderfarmer 1000’s and CO2.How many plants do you think would I be able to grow in it? I have 3 Critical Purple seeds & 3 AK-47’s What would u folks recommend TIA FOR ALL ADVICE

2 plants with training would be ideal in a 2x3. That’s what I’m running right now. No need for the CO2.

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Do you happen to have any pictures of your grow?

Here is one from my previous. Single plant in a 2x2 shortly before harvest.

Here is a current view into my new grow in a 2x3.

The 2 in solo cups will stay in the cups until they show sex. Assuming one is female she’ll be up potted. The bigger is a Gelato Autoflower.

If you search “Cygnus” the first two hits should be both grow journals if interested.

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On that first grow single plant do you remember how much was your yield was dry? Looked real nice

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2.2 oz dried. The smoke is outstanding and I was pretty happy with that yield for a first grow with mistakes included. :+1:

Edit: that was a Gelato Autoflower from ILGM.

Do you happen tonhave a picture of your carbon filter and fan setup outside the tent I really appreciate your time with helping me

I currently have it setup inside the tent in my 2x3. I had it outside when I had the 2x2 but don’t have any pics and it’s been taken down.

My grow area is in the unfinished / utility side of my basement so I mounted a bar to studs and just hung the fan and filter from that.

Biggest key is you want to minimize sharp bends in the ducting so you don’t add to much resistance to the airflow.

Pull air out from the top and fresh air in at the bottom of the tent.