Advice needed...think I'm going to have a space problem


Just sounds negative an as far as i see shouldn’t be negative find the positives👍


I beg to differ, I’d even be willing to bet all 10 of them can be flowered right where they’re at. They don’t appear to be trained or topped yet, so a lot of remaining growth would be up. A little pruning of any side branching that got out of control and I’d bet there would be some solid colas in there. Not exactly walk in the park, but would be a learning experience.


Agreed, learning experience indeed…my opinion is i wouldn’t flower a 7" plant ever just my opinion waste of a seed clones maybe🤗


I’ve had ten in a 33"x46" space. 5 gallon pots.


A bigger waste than culling them, don’t think so. It’s one thing to plan a grow that way. It certainly makes more sense anyway. He has short plants that should be mature enough to flower, flowering them out is just as viable option and more reasonable than saying he needs more space or to cull plants. I would absolutely be doing that or what @peachfuzz suggested.

Growing out huge plants is fine for those it makes sense for, regardless of the reason. But if you follow the commercial industry any you’d see that it’s the least effective way to grow. There’s no issue with seed cost here or plant count because they’re already dropped. I would agree that sog is probably a little more advanced technique, but it’s far from something you need to be a master grower to be effective at. If you can do it, pretty much makes 2 months veg in 5 gallon pot child’s play.


If you were to flip now your plants would probably get inbetween 1 and 2 ft. Heres one i let veg for 3 weeks. And i would be happy with 10 of them


@Sirsmokes…what strain in your pic?


@JoshawaM …ACK asked for advice from more experienced growers, I gave him that.
Why would you go out of your way …in a post that is not yours to trash talk?
That, Sir is negative. And not needed.


Blue dream.


Here you ask for advice you get it good and bad. You just have to choose what makes sense to you and fits with your skill. I have to agree with the masses and think if you can manage your side branching. But realistically with 10 plants you should be able to pull lb dry.


@tanlover442 was no trash talk buddy your message was a lil vague just ask you to clarify an if he has the funds for more room i figure that is the better way to go, only trash talk i seen was your rude reply


I apologize if there was a translation issue or a miss read post but no negativity here


@Sirsmokes…thanking you for your courteous informative reply.

I am surprised. Thought Blue Dream was more of a bushy Xmas tree profile.
Should be a most delightful harvest to smoke this Xmas and during the cold yuk weather.
Best Wishes…:cowboy_hat_face::vulcan_salute::v:


im running 2- 100w hps… what are xxxl hoods? mine are just glass bottom with vents i run 8" venting through to carbon filter??? what co2 are you using? can you share info as i am using the bags now but wanted to try real co2 setup…lool


They are the biggest reflectors that i could find at the time of purchase…:grin: they are sealed with 8 inch openings at both ends so that I can vent the heat out of them and as far as co2 , I use a propane co2 generator… :wink:



can you send a link to what you use or a picture??? i also got the sealed lights… but i have a 4 x 8 tent and use 2… what size is your room?? @peachfuzz


I would not recommend what I use for a tent…
I’m in a 10 x 16 shed that is fire proof on the inside with 2 inch thick fire proof material…:wink:
But if you want pics I’ll get you some… if you go this route I would suggest that you get one of these first… may save your life… :wink:

My set up is DIY , but works better then a $800 dollar set up…


cool… is co2 flammable? i wasnt going to add a 3rd light… i have a portable a/c in the tent and it keeps it about 78-82 and humidity at 38


No co2 isn’t flammable… the way that I produce it is… I burn propane to make co2… :wink:
Thats where a fire could happen… I went cheap on materials the first time around and walked into a room that was minutes from burning down with that set up… bought better materials and have never had that problem again…
But still the opportunity is still there… also you must understand that you want to make carbon dioxide and not carbon monoxide… they are different and one is way more deadly than the other… that’s why it’s so important when it comes to burning gas in an in closed area… one you want and one you don’t…
So its extremely important that the gas is burned completely or else you start to make carbon monoxide , which is really toxic and will kill you…
Please do more reading on this subject before you put yourself in harm’s way… :wink: