Advice needed on Northern Lights AF!


Hey everyone! My NL plant is 3 weeks old today and I’ve been reading that she will need to be bent and tied to help produce more flowers. I looked at her this afternoon and there is so much undergrowth etc that I’m not sure where to put my garden tie to keep from hurting the plant. Should I wait until she’s a bit taller or is it time?
She’s very short and fat as of yet so there is not much room to bend.


Indica can be very short bushy. She will eventually gain some height. Moving the light farther away will help.


Is it an auto or photo??


It’s an Auto.


@Bass-Assassin let it grow lol here’s my NL auto flower at 9 weeks, untouched and straight 12 12 from seed!


NLA is the bush in the back left


They’ll take off soon.


What a beauty! I think I will take your advice and let her be. Thank you so much!


@WickedAle oh my! That’s a great looking plant. Thanks for your response, I’ve decided to leave her alone.

How old is yours?


That was approx 13-14 weeks old. I’m In DWC so your timelines and size could be quite different, but I did get a great harvest of 7Z from a single plant.


So if your new to autos you will soon learn that all plants will be different, the genetics of auto flowers are pretty inconsistent, I had 4 NL autos for example and the plants harvested from 1 Oz to 7oz lol…I’ve been growing autos for over a year now and have recently switched back to photos. …here’s a super skunk auto at 9 weeks harvested 8.5 Oz cured and 12 12 from seed as well with no training, keep in mind I have no height restrictions , I only do a light feed 1 time a week but everyone has different opinions and ways to grow so take everyone’s advice an apply the methods that work the best for you…best of luck I will watch the grow


From our experience (which is only month and half) it’s ok to start some LST early on. In my opinion your plants are big enough to start. However, this is all new to us as well.
Here’s a couple pics of our current 1st grow ever.

Nice looking plants you have. Best of luck with your grow.