Advice needed! Am I ready to top for 4-way LST?

I struggle with knowing how to count nodes, especially when they are very close together.

Is that node#5 just starting to come through (tiny little 2mm leaves in the middle?)

I see 1 node.
Seed leaves don’t count
First single finger leaves don’t count
First Node
Everything above is the top

That;s how I’d count them. To me a “node” is where 2 fan leaves are located on the stalk.

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Here’s a better pic…

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PS - if it’s where 2 fan leaves meet, I’ve got more than one node. There’s 4 big fan leaves and 2 medium fan leaves and 2 tiny one’s just starting to come up. This is what confuses me!


I want to top like this:

(from LBH's Famous ScrOG Tutorial | Grow Weed Easy )

It’s too early. Wait until the seed leaves are dead.


@digga the video you linked already has the seed leaves fallen off, the first node at the bottom doesnt have true leaves, fhey are only single finger leaves. your plant has three nodes but i would wait until you have a fourth and remove the fourth and leave the third. if you top too early u can damage the plant longterm and it may never recover and grow well. it may not die, but your yield and happiness will be affected. patience in this game. btw if you are new to growing like me youll find flowering takes much longer than you would have thought. so, for now be aware that it can be tough to wait and let the plant do its job. i still struggle with patience


Wait a little longer.

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Tan has u. Wait a bit longer. Specifically. Unsee the mini leaves growing from first pic? That is 3-4. Wait til the ones after that grow AND show set 5-6.

More specifically. Cotyledons are the round circular ‘feeder’ leaves u see when they first sprout. When they shrivel its a good idea to start feed - dont count as true leaves.
The next set is 1 finger leaves. They typically die AFTER feeder leaves but before flower. - dont count as true leaves.
The ‘third’ set of leaves i see from the bottom of the FIRST PIC YOU POSTED are the first TRUE NODE… bare in mind this one will die too. But its the first 3~ finger leaves you see on most weed plants. I recommend topping from the 4th-5th node from there. So… looking at the little circle you circled. Id let her grow at least another node. When u see the next one at this size u can chop. BUT if you go 2 more and let the third start then chop it’ll grow stronger…

Damn im high. Does that make sense?

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Sort of and me too. :smiley:

The big problem I have is that the newest nodes are very, very close together. I think I can see more nodes than people can see when viewing the pics.

I’m going to get out the big camera!

As in all things in life; There is a standard. Almost all topping or any maipulating of a plant comes after 4-5 ture sets of alternating nodes, which you seem to understand to some point.

Your nodal spacing is tight, and once you have 4 alternating and healthy nodes. top…this will give you 4 nodes left that should offshoot 8 2ndary limbs.

Happy growing :slight_smile: lw

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Thanks lw. I understand the theory (to a point :slight_smile:) - practice - not so much!

What you just said there actually helps - I’ll forget about the looking out for the first microscopic hint of a 5th node to pluck out! I’ll wait for 4 clear and healthy nodes, then just pinch out whatever is on top (it might be one node, it might be one and a half it might be two!).


Yup. Usually its much better if u let it get to 1.5 nodes to clip. U want the full one to be developd and healthy and be sprouting another then OFF WITH HER HEAD

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Sounds good! Glad I could help :slight_smile:

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@latewood @PurpNGold74

just fyi :smiley:

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Still churning over here i see! And scrogging to boot. Sweet net

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A month later - didn’t manage to fill the net. Next time.

Still looking good. Looks like you stopped tucking a little early