Advice needed about lights and so on

Some questions from a fellow grower:

my first space will be 5x5 with Le\ED 1000 and maybe two red flowering lights and maybe a small G8, smallest? Or is two flowers enough? Also though about MH/HPS combined? The dome until the seed has two leaves if I were to plant 20 seeds, needs to be 80 humidity and down to 50 or so once you see all the roots and you transplant, then what should the humidity be? Using the Mushrooms for Co2 but am still confused about that, they get air as they are not in a closed tent, what should the percent of ph (I heard 5.5-6.1, some play with it just to get the plants to do more), and the humidity from clones (they should probably go right to flower) and I want to get about 5lbs, what do I need, space, plant, light wise, Using VermaFire and Coco, guess, there is a new coco not out yet but self correcting PH …

Use a T5 for seedlings, clones, and veg until 4-5 leaves
Place under MH.HPS digital lamp. MH for veg, HOS for bloom.

5.8 for Hydro 6.5 for soil

Coco: Not good for beginners.

Look into Bubblers, Ebb and flow f lood and drain.

This is the best I could answer your rambling post. Glad to help, but would appreciate alittle separation of comments, sentences. Thanks