Advice needed about best system for growing hydroponically

From a fellow grower: I am ordering my first seeds from you next month. Can I use one of these new Klarstein GrowIt Farm, Smart Indoor Garden, Hydroponics Growing System, 36-Piece Set, Up to 28 Plants, 68 to 82 ° F, 48 Watts LED Lighting, 8-Liter Water Tank, Daylight Simulation System? I plan to purchase the Gorilla Glue Auto Flowers. Any advice will be appreciated.

The Klarstein GrowIt Farm is made for small herb growing like a little cilantro.
Cannabis will outgrow the system very quickly.
There are some very skilled hydro growers here who will help you.

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You could probably grow a single plant in it, but it would be testing patience for sure.

That’ll get your seeds going but if your even a little serious about it then it is NOT the right option for a full grow in my opinion, even with autos. You could buy a cheap blurple and get better results for the same price, a good way to start if you ask me. You’ll want more light after your first grow but with those micro farm kits you’ll want more light after your first fortnight. They are weeds. imo don’t over complicate your first grow. Light and water and you’ll learn more in your first grow that you’ll be confident enough to want to upgrade everything you have next cycle any who👌