Advice for setup with this equipment

Anyone who has had successful experiences with this equipment please help me with setup. I have also gotten another fan. Have tent setup up in small spare bedroom. Going to try gorilla glue auto flower for first grow.

Item # Description Qty
BAL-AM-HF0600 AgroMax Hi-F 600w Digital Ballast 1
REF-MWB100 High Yield Maxwing Reflector 1
GT-AM-M Agromax Medium 4x4 Grow Tent 1
POT-UOP07 Ultra Oxy Pot 7 Gallon 6
NUT-RO-BG032 Buddha Grow - Quart 1
NUT-RO-BB032 Buddha Bloom - Quart 1
NUT-ST-ST004 Stump Tea - 4 Ounce 1
CLN-AM-AR06 AcceleRooter 6-Pack Seed Starter 1
VNT-F06 Universal 6 Inch Flange and Coupler 1
SWG-TS04 XL HTG T-Shirt 1
NUT-ST-ST004 Stump Tea - 4 Ounce 1
MED-RO-PS1.5 Roots Organics Potting Soil 1.5 Cubic Feet 3
ACC-AM-RR AgroMax Rope Ratchets - 1/8" x 8’ - 75lb Max Each 1
ACC-HY-120TSP High Yield 8 Outlet Surge Protector / Timer 1
LAM-HTG-0600HPS HTG Supply 600 Watt HPS Bulb 1
ACC-GB-T GrowBright Indoor/Outdoor Thermometer 1
VNT-GB-CF06 GrowBright 6 Inch Clip-On Fan 1
VNT-GB-IDF6 GrowBright 6 Inch Inline Duct Fan 1
ACC-HY-SCKT15 High Yield Lighting Socket Set with 15 foot cord 1
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with autos i soak the seeds 2 days in water and then plant in their forever home, you don’t want to transplant autos

You’re gonna get some heat with the 600 watt HPS, really should go a with a air-cooled reflector to help get the heat out of the tent, makes a big difference.

Something like this, but anything air-cooled would be an improvement over the wing reflector

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I bought a small portable ac unit for temp control. It seems to be staying right at 83 degrees with humidity range from 34-40. And I checked about an hr ago and one has finally broke surface, got 4 in total. Just a waiting game huh?

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