Advice for my first plant

A question from a fellow grower:

This is my plant that I grew with help from your grow bible. The buds are very small and have not grown much in a month. Is there a way to increase their size by trimming off more of the plant’s leaves? How do I know when to harvest the buds? I understand it should be time in the next few weeks. When I harvest I have been told to hang them and then compress them. How long should I hang them for please?

Thanks a lot for any advice you can give me on my first plant.

I’m sorry but I’m not seeing buds so I’m not sure what you’re asking ? …could you post more pictures …also don’t compress buds

you do not want to trim that plant as it is already stretchy. It needs more light…very intense light if you want to increase bud weight.

Hi Claire I have to ask , are you growing under any type of light or are you just using the light that’s coming thru your window?

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I would assume based on pictures you are not using intense enough light or it is placed too far away? and if you are month into flower they will gain some size yet but be patient if this is your first grow you are bound to have some set backs and any weed you grew for yourself is a learning curve you will only get better at it with practice.

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Both Oak and Donaldj. Are wright.
You need better light say 600 watt to 1000 watt HPS.
If you did read the bible you would have seen yetthe lighting .
I can send you more info if you want.

Tee3737, Clair works in the front office. She will get grow questions from time to time and she just passes them over to us.
Don’t feel bad I did the same thing…just ask latewood…lol



That’s cool @garrigan62 you always give good advise. I really dig some of your emoji’s you post. I promise I won’t call you pal lol (ref: from other thread)

Now that I understand. You can call me Pal anytime. It’s all good my friend.
And thank you for that nice comment


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Yup there are definitely little Buds on that plant, had to blow up the picture a bit to see them, and if I’m correct that plant is also potted in a moveable container, my question is where do you live? and is it possible to bring the plant out side in direct Real sunlight, what are the average daytime temps, my plants in that stage did well through 60 and 50 deg. weather. you should be adding some type of Bloom feed also, ie… tomato bloom etc… anything should help. But at any rate it Needs some light improvement. This plant may take a bit longer to fully mature(like some adults I know) but it Will definitely Mature out, so keep an eye on the Triches, you Will end up with Buds even if they are a bit smaller.